Vampire Mating Thread #5

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Vampire Mating Thread #5

Post by silly_bella »

Yes, we're here. Make sure we didn't lose anything in the move. Spooderman, could you carry that box over here? Cookies, eclairs, donuts, layer cakes, baking, Hiroshima, Enegizer bunnies, banana splits, fondue, spoo, whams, hands on, songs, slogans, VMT Mastercard commercials...yup I think we have everything.

And Jesseh, you DO still have the keys to the truck, don't you?

Keep it PG-13.

Stay on topic.

Avoid IM and chatroom style posting.

... As you were.
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Post by Cocoa »

Computer $900
Micro Soft Suite $200
Posting first on VMT # 5...Priceless!
Bella Rocks
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Post by Bella Rocks »

new moon special edition about $20
new mouse-$40
a stephanie meyer trivia game-priceless
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Post by forksxknives »

1 pint of Cookie dough ice cream: $6.95
Chocolate syrup: $3.50
Adding a banana and calling it a banada split...priceless.

Is it wrong that I feel pride in posting on the first page of the VMT5?
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Post by LadyGuenwyvar »

VAIO computer- 1,200 dollars
Set of contacts- 80 dollars
Having a mental picture of superglue replacing tingly gel- priceless
(seriously, read B&B-Emmett style now if you haven't yet)

The infamous VMT, hello everyone!
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Post by AmberEyes »

Yeah!!! New thread to spread our dirty minds accross. Bring on the banana splits!!!
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Post by Em Cullen »

Hi everyone!!!!

I've had the Spiderman theme song stuck in my head all day, but instead of saying spiderman I was saying spooderman without even realizing it. Then one of my friends at school who are on the lex told me and it was pretty hilarious! I love the VMT!!!

GO VMT!!!!

New LP cd=$11.99
Edward and Bella baking cookies on your piano=Priceless!

Some things money can't buy. For everything else there's spoodercookies!!!

Post by cami1219 »

sorry to interupt, but VMT#5??? :lol: :lol: :lol: you guys are hilarious!!

our minds at the lex= in the gutter.

carry on... :lol:
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Post by emmajeanjumpingbean »

#5? ridiculessness galore!

*sihg* i need to start hanging around here more often, i used to be a regular but sadly i somehow got distracted by other things

however i think that i will now fully embrace my getter mindedness and attempt to keep up with the VMT

hehe hooray!
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Post by Spooderman »

I think this is most of it SB! Man...the new "soccer balls" Mastercard logo looks rather bad...

*drops off the luggage before swinging out*









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