2007 Meeting face to face

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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2007 Meeting face to face

Post by Alphie »

There have been lots of chances for our members to meet up and make friends at various events over the last year. What is your favorite moment or story about meeting another member of the Lexicon face to face? And please, this is a meeting members only kind of post. Save all stories about meeting Stephenie for the "Meeting Stephenie" thread. LOL!
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Post by Be My Escape »

I remembering going to Nashville and meeting everyone for the first time. Freesia came up to me and gave me a hug just because. And we had a Pink party and of course Cheesecake. AND Sillybella regaled Alphie Pel and I with some interesting snake vemon stories. hehe :D
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Post by Bree »

I've met so many people..

Pinkfest, Forks, Disneyland.. We have way too much fun together.
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Post by la tua cantante »

i ve got the most amazing friends thanks to the lex, because i knew there was a spanish website because you guys told me, and now i ve got the most amazing freinds ever

beginning with javi 8the crepusculo webmaster) then valentine 8 she s on the lex too9 alice (on the lex too) and much more people

i even go out with them almost every weekend they re ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
and i ll never be grateful enough for having met them all

they re worderful seriosly, well you ll all be able to see them in the trailer hihii
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Post by Nishigo »

I didn't meet some of the lex, but maybe I'll meet sango at the bookfair in Frankfurt... (I hope I will!)
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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

Does meeting someone before we both joined the Lex count? *nudges Alice_Cullen_1193* Ah, 5th grade. Those were the days... Remeber our folder with Smarty Jones? And the Bridle Bunch? HA! :lol: *laughs at the stupid stuff we did as kids* :lol:
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Post by mary_alice_brandon »

lol taht was fun i hope i can get my alice_cullen_1193 name to work again i miss it. Don't forget the third member of the bridle bunch... the now *cough cough* stuck up ------ not to name anyone...
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Post by jadoretoi »

I've never met anyone yet, well, in person anyways, but at E-Prom! =]
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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

Ha ha, yeah, and the RSSE thing with canoes and the tent! Do you remember the nachos we ate while we waited for dinner until *cough cough* ELEVEN PM!!!! That was so much fun! :lol:
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Post by Incantare »

When I went to a book signing in Pennsylvania, there were some Lexiconers there, but I didn't actually get to talk to any of them :cry:...
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