2007 Meeting Stephenie...

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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I have maybe met Stephenie the most... I basically consider her a friend.

The first time I SPOKE with her was in the Lexicon Chat.

The first time I met her was Teen Read Week out here in the Phoenix area. I went to the Gilbert signing and she instantly recognized me and we hit it off right away. She even gave me New Moon on CD and asked me and a few others to stay afterward and read us an excerpt from Midnight Sun.

The second time I met her was STILL Teen Read Week. I drove out to Surprise this time and brought my mom along with me to meet her. We spoke for a long while afterward.

The third time was the Poisoned Pen Signing in Scottsdale. I met before hand with a bunch of Arizonan Lexiconers and ate dinner with them before walking over to the bookstore. That signing was PACKED. I went with my friend to get her books signed seeing mine had already by signed (New Moon twice.) Then we stayed afterwards through the whole line to get a group lexicon picture and speak with her a little.

The fourth time was Nashville I believe. And Nashville was just a big huge fun adventure.

The fifth time was when Vielka came out and stayed with me for a weekend and we went to the signing at Changing Hands in December. Kady and Tina also came out from California for this one. This day was just amazing!

The sixth time was when Betsy and I met up with Stephenie and a few of her friends and saw OK Go live! For free might I add. Though being lost and almost not making it sort of dimmed the excitement I still have photos with Stephenie AND OK Go which made up for the being lost and confused part.

And then Eclipse Prom is coming!

Wow, I feel like a crazy stalker now. I swear I'm not!
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I won't repost your whole post, Aeternus Sanguis, because it's so long, but I can't believe how many times you've met Stephenie!! You are probably one of the luckiest fans, especially to me who hasn't met her once... *sigh*

And you definitely don't seem like a crazy stalker to me! Hehe. If I could've gone to all those events to see Stephenie, I would have!
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I meet Stephenie at the I *heart* Edward party in February and all I can say is that she is incredibly down to earth and even more normal that I had expected! I hope I get to meet her again someday!
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Crap, double post! Sorry! :oops:
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You all are so lucky. I've always wanted to meet one of my favourite authours. Stephenie is definitely on the top of my list... no one ever comes to Michigan, though.

*laughs* Maybe they're all afraid of Detroit. I've heard it has a pretty rough reputation. It's not as bad as people think.
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Meeting Stephenie last year was completely AMAZING!!! I still can't believe that night was actually real. It just feels like a really big and amazing dream. The only thing that confirms to me that it was real are all the pictures I have from that night, and the picture of me, Stephenie, and my three friends that she posted on her website. I LOVE YOU STEPHENIE!!!

That night, September 22, 2006, my friends and I were really sad because the I Love Edward Cullen party was completely filled up. So, the bookstore we were in had two floors, and the Edward party was on the second floor. The really sad part was that we could see the whole thing going on and hear EVERYTHING from the first floor. It was sooo sad. My friend Lauren and I were almost in tears because everyone was having so much fun.

One hilarious moment about that night was when I first spotted Stephenie. Everyone was waiting for her on the first floor, and she was going to walk downstairs and talk to us. So, we were all standing there waiting and waiting, and I suddenly look upstairs and she is standing in clear view of EVERYONE and I was the only one to notice her!!! It was pretty hilarious! My friends were soooo oblivious that night! Oh well.....it was AMAZING!!!

Sooooooo, when Eclipse comes out, we already promised each other that we would meet her again and have our books signed. Also, we promised each other that we would make reservations for the I Love Edward Cullen Party (if they do that again this time) really early so that we won't have to go through torture again. I can't wait until August 7th!!!!!! :D
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Well I was in I love Edward -party and met her there! It was so amazing! She's so lovely and fun and kind... No famous people usually are like that! We talked for hours about the books and Edward and--

Oh! Scratch that. It was only in my dreams. Sorry, my mistake.
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. Lena Bergel met her. I could have gone but I didn't know about Stephenie then. *sigh* You guys are all so lucky. It would be amazing to meet her though' :wink:

*edit* Lena Bergel did not meet her. FYI: I am NOT stalking her. She's pretty cool. I KNOW her in person.
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It was amazing!!

I was at the houston signing last year. After I'd sat in the car for hours on end, because I live in the Dallas area, I finally got there. It took something like 5 to 6 hours to drive to houston.

Then when I got there, I ended up getting #1 since I was the first person there and I needed to get back for school in the morning...bah.

!! It was amazing!! I was number one of some 300 people. aaaahhh

so anyway, when stephenie came, the crowd was cheering with cries of Edward and Stephenie...it was pretty interesting.
I got to be right in the front since I helped the bookstore set up for the event. It was a perfect night.

Stephenie definitly impressed my mom from her question and answer session and what not. =D
On the car ride home, she was all, "she's a very good role model"...yeah.

So when I went to get my books signed, she was very polite and had a good sense of humor.
"So how many people did you have to kill to get that number?" or something along those lines. I can't remember it perfectly. I do recall being a little speachless...I normally talk a lot.

it was pretty stellar, I don't get excitied about much these days. She signed...like 4 or 5 books and my 'bite me' shirt for me, which I thought was a ton, but she said it would be fine, she ended up signing them all.

It was all around a good experiance and I had a great time. Stephenie is a kind, funny, and talented person. (she did write Twilight after all)

It's nice to have such an amazing book with an author to match.
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Hehe! you guys are soooo lucky!

She hasn't been to Britain so I haven't had a chance to meet her. :cry: I'm in Florida during the Eclipse prom so thats as close as I'm going to get!

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