2007 Meeting Stephenie...

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!

2007 Meeting Stephenie...

Post by pelirroja »

This is the place to share if you have met Stephenie at a signing or other event like a I Love Edward Cullen party.

What was it like...
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Post by Bree »


Well let's see the first time I met Stephenie was online on the myspace group, then through messages, and then in the Lexicon chat.
I met her in real life the first time in Forks, Washington at the signing and I Love Edward party and then we spent the next like two days hanging out with some other amazing girls.

The second time I met her was in Pasadena, California at a signing where she bought me a pink shirt and pink liprings. Haha. She's amazing.

And the third time was in Nashville, Tennessee and that was absolutely amazing! Three days of fan and Stephenie goodness!
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gosh meeting stephenie has been one of the most amazing things of this year, she was so terribly kind, sweet, caring, i couldn t believe she really was like that, i mean her books are fanous and still she s so so EVERYTHING!

she s really human, and i love that
besides the days she came here i had a lot of fun because of the parties we had, the interview we made to her, the day we showed her madrid

a memory i know time will never erase
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I am sooooo jelous right now!

Stephenie, if you read this, I hope to meet you someday soon!
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Post by Lore »

it was a very pleasent meeting, of curse have to travel all the way to long island to brigdewater was a long way lol but is was worth it, she is a very agradable women and very simple, she was very happy to see a lot people in borders tthat morning and me of curse i was more excited (i dronk like 5 cups of coffe) than everything, is my favorite book and having meet the writer and sing my books at the same time was the best day i had for a very long time, i would travel again to see her
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The first (and only) time I met Stephenie was at a book signing in Exton, Pennsylvania. I had like five books for her to sign, and a letter, and I showed her this sketch I did of Bella. She was so nice and complementary :lol:.
I really want to meet her again if she's in my area *crosses fingers*
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Post by Edward Cullen »

Just one word: Amazing.

She's a very, very good friend ^^!!
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Post by la tua cantante »

Edward Cullen wrote:Just one word: Amazing.

She's a very, very good friend ^^!!
totally right

i was there
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Post by Taxi »

Oh! Let's see, the first time I met Stephenie was at the crazy Houston signing. I didn't really get a chance to speak with her because of all the people in line behind me (about 350) I told her my screename and she described my default myspace picture at the time, hehe.
Then, the next day I went to the Austin signing, when I got in line she was like, "You look really familiar," haha, and I reintroduced myself. We were standing outside in the hot and humid weather at the Houston signing, so I was a mess. The Austin signing was more comfortable, so I was a bit more presentable, lol. I also got the event poster for her to sign! :)

Then in Nashville, as yes, Nashville. That was so much fun. I saw her three times while I stayed there. It was amazing.

And then I'll be able to see her again at the Eclipse Prom! Weee!
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To meet Stephenie has been the best ever!!!!!! She is amazing, so kind and lovely. There are no words in the world to describe the signings and the moments that you are with her. She is so near to the people... She is the best :wink:
I met her two days when she came to Spain and it was incredible!!!!!!
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