2007 What have you learned?

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Post by bellaedwardfan77 »

I like the PCs, of course, and I really enjoyed learning about the characters' past lives. It makes them seem more human.
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I've always liked learning more about Edward when Stephenie writes about him. His badboy moments, his stupid moments, his motivations. Remember the Midnight Sun thread?
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Post by maemae133 »

My favorite is Jasper's past and Jane and Alec
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Post by kstar_luvs_horses »

Chaos wrote:Hmm... I really love the exrta information about Jane and Alec, and the Volturi. But also I loved the PC's, they are extremely interesting!
The PC's are the best!!!
And I love learning all about Edward! *squeal*
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Post by Kaedtiann »

la tua cantante wrote:mhhmmm esme s story is very very beautiful
aaand i like a lot the casino scene, that made me laugh REALLY HARd
Oh, yeah! I love the outtakes and the extras, too.
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I love all of the PC and everything she's said about Midnight Sun in particular. I love that Stephenie is so involved with her fans. It's really rare and I (we!!) love her for it. :)
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Post by [Miss.Kimberly] »

i loved learning more about each cullen especially how carlisle and esme met [so cute]

i also really like that we know their birthdays now! because now i can celebrate them!

it makes them seem even more real to me knowing everything about them. :]]
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Post by Never_Ending_Silence »

I loved learning more about each character and also about things between Edward and Bella, like how he does know when she has her period and stuff. I also liked finding out what CD Bella was listening to in her room. When I was reading Twilight, I'd always wondered whether or not it was a real band, and if it was what was it. So when I found out it was Linkin Park, I thought it was pretty cool.
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Post by Kissa »

I loved getting the actual facts, such as the Cullens' and Hale's stats! Also, getting to know the layouts of the house! I always wondered about that when reading the book, so getting to know how it really was helped a lot!

I also loved the outtakes and extra's. Actually, there's no ending to what I've learned here, it's so much! Did I mention how much I love you guys?? LOL! :lol:
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Post by ^ Alice ^ »

I have learnt a lot of things related with Twilight series... More about Edward, Esme and so many others... and of course, I have resolved a lot of my doubts here.
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