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It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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I am constantly on the Edward in Pe thread, and I really liked the Cullen's on Halloween thread.
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My favorite memory is stumbling across the Vamire Mating thread. I remember I was drinking a pepsi, and I just glanced over this picture of Hiroshima and the message, and I just started laughing so hard soda shot out of my nose.

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Come on everyone you know the absolute best is the Vampire Mating Thread! Mondo hilarious!!!
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Incantare wrote:Any of the games/quizzes, and the "Conversations that would never happen in Twilight or New Moon." That one has me doubled over; Stephenie needs to see it, though she'll probably be scared by what some people have been coming up with :lol:.
Mmmm...I agree. She'll come and find us and demand why we are tearing her characters apart. :D
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I like the My idea of a story... thread!
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Drunk Vampire Thread
Edward in PE
Things that Would Never Happen..
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Council Of Carlisle Lovers
Drunk Vampires
Vampire Mating Thread-(at one point I was the original spoo taste tester...muwahahaha)
GoD BleSs!

Thank You Feathers and Malaz! You guys rock!
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Edward in P.E.
Jacob: Like, Love, or Hate?

The first two just for the pure snarfing various liquids factor, and the third because I feel an urge to defend Jacob. ^^
There is something seriously wrong with Bella and Edward's relationship. All they do is stare at each other and think about how pretty the other one is! At least when she was with Jake, they actually, you know, [i]did[/i] stuff.

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i would have to sayyyy
edward in PE
i got hours of laughs out of that one!!
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