2007 Favorite Threads

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by LunarEc;ipse »

Man, I haven't posted in along time..... thankfully I made back for the Lexicon's b-day!

But of course, I have to pick the following for my faves.

1) The Vmt thread(s)
2) WESlap (Where's Edward *slap*?)
3) The Drunk Vampire thread (Anyone see pinky there?)
4) The Cullens on Halloween (that was fun)

More or so, when I become reaquanted with the lex.

Somethings you can't grow out of.............

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The "Jasper Hale triple-T sammich" thread... without a doubt.
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My favorite threads are:

Council of Carlisle Lovers
Vampire Mating (SPOODERMAN!!!!!! :lol: )
Vampire Torture
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Favourite Threads

Post by Twilightfanatic »

Well, the ones that I visit regularly are:

~The Return of Where's Edward? *slap*
~Things that would never be said in Twilight and New Moon
~And, as has been said, All that's in Flight to Phoenix
~All mine :mrgree:
~And everything on here!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I would die without the Lex!!!!! Great job Alphie and Pel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by blueray1 »

at the moment "what they will never say thread" because of obveous reasons.

i also like all the random threads about questions you would never ask about, but always wanted to know.
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And the My idea of a story... thread. That one's really shapeing up!

And my personal favorite---THE ~HORSE PEOPLE~ THREAD!!! :D
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Post by juliet_earnshaw »

My Idea of a Story
Where's Edward? *slap*

And, of course, Things They Would Never Say. I started that one! I'm so glad it's getting mentioned here so much. That thread is my baby.
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Post by Kait »

My favorite thread was the Playlist for Twilight and New Moon thread. It gave me so many good ideas.

I love the avie thread and fanfic thread.

Oh yea, and of course the Henry Cavill thread. :]
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Post by Roo »

In this order:

Edward in PE
Things that should never be said
Vampire Mating
Drunk Vampires

Can you tell I like all the skits?
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Post by alice_fan »

vampires_4_ever_1104 wrote:THE SOCK THREAD!!!!

And the My idea of a story... thread. That one's really shapeing up!

And my personal favorite---THE ~HORSE PEOPLE~ THREAD!!! :D
Ah yes my favorite also. The horse people thread is the best. And I have the honor of starting it. :D I also love the Vampire Torture Thread. Ah good times...
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