2007 Favorite Threads

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by maemae133 »

Supernatural thread is my favorite!!
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Post by Apple »

1) Cullenism
2) Things that would never be said in Twilight/New Moon
3) Rate your banner
4) Avatar
5) Fanfiction

All in the Flight to Phoenix Thread!
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Post by jesseh »

1.) Vampire Mating Thread.
2.) Edward in PE.
3.) "What if..."/"This or That"/"Would you rather..." Threads.
4.) Songs Relating to Twilight. (My iPod got fat from that one! :D)
5.) The Hollywood Hideout in general.
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I like the Vampire mating thread(s).

It's the only one I normally watch, but I recently started looking at the flight to pheonix & new people threads.
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Post by Kissa »

In no particular order:
  • VMT-thread(s)
    Edward in P.E.!!
    Pulling a Rosalie
    Things that would never be said in the Twilight-universe
    And the For the Accident Prone-forum. For some reason I like that one. LOL
I know I'm forgetting some now, but that's just inevitable. :lol:
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Post by Taxi »

It got frozen, but I find myself searching for it and then laughing hysterically when I finally do find it and read it again.

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Basically all the treads in the Fight To Phoenix forum.
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Post by Amor »

Vampire Princess wrote:One of my all time favorite was the Pulling a Rosalie thread. In my opinion, best thread ever!
Amen sista! (Which, by the way, needs to be resurrected.) I also like the VMT with the Spoodurence Trails and Drunk Vamps! Very funny!
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Post by edwardfan2007 »

vmt thread!
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Post by Incantare »

Any of the games/quizzes, and the "Conversations that would never happen in Twilight or New Moon." That one has me doubled over; Stephenie needs to see it, though she'll probably be scared by what some people have been coming up with :lol:.
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