2007 Favorite Threads

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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2007 Favorite Threads

Post by Alphie »

I'm curious to know what everyone's favorite threads are around the Lexicon. Which threads do you visit first before all others. Which threads have given you the best memories, laughs, or general discussion? List only your top five!
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Post by Chaos »

My favorite threads... hmm... (in no particular order)

1.) The Avatar Thread
2.) Fanfics Thread
3.) Anything on Eclipse theories in Quench
4.) Drunk Vampires
5.) Anything in Quench that bring up interesting theories...
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Post by Felicia »

Supernatural is the only one I check religiously. Otherwise, I just refresh and see what's new.
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Post by x_fallen »

Haha, probably one of the first vampire mating threads.
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Post by Be My Escape »

The VMT thread is defiantely funny, always good for a laugh. ANd I always find it interesting to read theory threads. So much speculation!!
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Post by y3nd0 »

I definitely love the Riddle thread.
Then there's also the Drunk Vampires thread. :D
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Post by inlovewithedwardforever »

My favorite is (well, was) the "Where's Edward? *slap*" thread. It was great... and we are still doing it!!! Well, not here, but elsewhere. So much fun. I have the lexicon to thank for that. ;D

And of course the Drunk Vampire thread, couldn't forget that one. ;D

And the cookie thread.... wow. Good times. ;D
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Post by Enough4Ever821 »

i usually only stay in flight to phoenix. so i would have to say the avatar thread and fanart thread.
but the threads on eclipse prom i also check regularly.
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Post by Lomesir22 »

Midnight Sun thread (that Alphie started). Stephenie used to get on and post snippets that most definitely were not in chapter one.
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Post by Vampire Princess »

One of my all time favorite was the Pulling a Rosalie thread. In my opinion, best thread ever!

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