2007 What is your favorite memory on the the Lexicon?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Maybe some day we could come up with a scene of Edward taking gross anatomy at Harvard. Put that brain of Roo's to work *insert evil grin*

Edward with a sharp object staring at some chilly cadaver. You want me to cut where? :shock:
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Well, I will never forget the day when the COCL was opened and me and Twilight_Obsessed went undercover to find Carlisle...good times....and we shall never forget my obsession with BBQ chips to keep me distracted....hehe
GoD BleSs!

Thank You Feathers and Malaz! You guys rock!
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i like the borads when you actually feel like your taling to some one face to face adn you seem to know the people and it becaome a very great discoction like in the book thread, we can all relate some how!
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Viry wrote:
Ullii wrote:Learning that I'm not crazy!! Honestly, before I discovered the Lexicon, I seriously thought I had a problem because I couldn't stop thinking about these books. I really did. Maybe I'm still crazy, but at least we're all crazy together, so thank you everyone for being my companions in fangirl insanity!! :)


Mostly I like that everyone is really nice!
so did i. people acutually told me that i was crazy though
-jessica- :D
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I love knowing that I am not the only person that is so obsessed with the books.
Before I thought I was going insane.
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I'm new, but once I was in such a rush and so insecure about a story I had for class that I put it on here, and I'll never forget the vulgar language is ugly. :D
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