2007 What is your favorite memory on the the Lexicon?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Hmm... Toughie... Either the Cullenism thing or going to Hawaii with Edward... Either don't ask or check out the Twisted Vampire Torture thread. 8) 8)
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I would have to say just realizing that I am not the only one obsessed with Twilight/New Moon. And being able to talk with people and discuss my favorite book ever. Oh and yes the Vampire Torture Thread is my absolute favorite.
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I can't give an exact occasion but seeing the excitement and blow out that centered around the 24 hours after New Moon was released was highly amusing.

"After 11 non-stop reading hours, 7 cups of coffee, and only 2 bathroom breaks...!"

Well, that and Alphie smutting up the chatroom within the first hour of its opening evening. :p
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alice_fan wrote:I would have to say just realizing that I am not the only one obsessed with Twilight/New Moon. And being able to talk with people and discuss my favorite book ever.
That would have to be mine too. I have a couple of friends who love the book, but having great discussions and stuff like that on here is what gets me through the schoolday sometimes. :)
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being to find other twilight obessed people.
-jessica- :D
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I like the fact that I finally found a place where I feel like I fit in.

I was looking over this site and reading the message boards for almost a year before I joined; even before I started posting, this was my source of information for things like the movie, Midnight Sun, and Breaking Dawn. And pretty much every aspect of Twilight was discussed here.

And I love being quoted, too :lol:.
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Incantare wrote:And I love being quoted, too :lol:.
Yes, hehe. It always makes me feel important. Like, someone actually read that post!
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Ummm, lets see... My favorite lexicon moment would have to be... when we did the spoodurance trials! Ha... I'm still laughing now! :lol:
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Viry wrote:
Ullii wrote:Learning that I'm not crazy!! Honestly, before I discovered the Lexicon, I seriously thought I had a problem because I couldn't stop thinking about these books. I really did. Maybe I'm still crazy, but at least we're all crazy together, so thank you everyone for being my companions in fangirl insanity!! :)


Mostly I like that everyone is really nice!
Would it be tacky to triple ditto??

I loved "meeting" my cullen muffin familia. They are so kind, and it is really nice to have them to go to every day. Kind of like a circus, but with friends, not clowns.

I loved reading all the theories and posting ones of my own. And I loved being able to finally place who Edward and Bella looked like. For a long time I couldnt quite picture either of them, it was weird. I would see, in my mind, peices of them, but never their faces, until I came to the Lex. It was kind of like therapy. Yeah. Thats what I like the most. Not being insane because you are the only one you know with the obsession. It is nice to just be able to let it all out.
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Aside from Harry Potter weirdness, I never really knew that fanfiction existed before I discovered this site. I've made so many friends here that are such spectacular writers! Cocoa, Kissa, AmberEyes, UnicornGoddess, ECABS, silly_bella, and edwardluver131 all write such wonderful stories! It's always great to get an alert in my inbox letting me know that there's something new to read while I'm holding myself over for Eclipse. Before I joined the lexicon, all my writing was for school, and I was always writing about dull stuff like Anerobic Strength Training vs. Supervised Neglect for the treatment of Acute Adhesive Capsulitis. *yawn* Now...I can write fun stuff that I know other people on here may possibly enjoy as well.
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