2007 What is your favorite memory on the the Lexicon?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!

2007 What is your favorite memory on the the Lexicon?

Post by pelirroja »

Now that we've been here a year, What is your favorite Lexicon moment?...Meaning, encounters on the posting boards, not in real life.
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Post by thecutiedisease »

Just being able to talk to others about my twilight obsession x]

Post by cami1219 »

just getting to know and love so many fellow Twilight lovers!! Henryville, cullen muffins, avie thread, quench your thirst!!!! just all of it!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: and also, I remember when I was only a newbie and I was so nervous to join cause I felt like I was extremely late and there were so many posts to read. it was all so overwhelming! But then everyone was so kind and really nice... I felt at home here. and still do!

especially Tua(La tua cantante)- she was super duper nice to me from the begining. I think that is one of my best memories. the first day I got here(when I was crazy posting like a maniac trying to make up for lost time!) she sent me the kindest PM ever!! she is a sweetheart!
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Post by Chaos »

Finally getting to discuss my insane love for Twilight and actually have people respond with their theories for up-coming books.

And making avies and banners, pretty much everything about this place. To think I was reluctant ot join... I would have been here in May in stead of July.
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Post by Felicia »

The Supernatural thread. I like discussing my two loves on one forum.
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Post by vampire_blood »

Felicia wrote:The Supernatural thread. I like discussing my two loves on one forum.

back on topic, the avatars...and art work people do...amazing work some of them... o.o
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Post by Bree »

Making amazing things.

And jokes and stuff we come up with. Of course.
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Post by y3nd0 »

My favorite moment would have to be spreading my love of Twilight. Before, since Twilight was a fresh new book, I was the only one in my whole school that read it. I had no one to talk to about it... so I spread it to 4 other friends (now there's a bunch of friends that have bought the book because of me. :)). Eh... they still didn't share the same love for Twilight as I did.

Now, even my school library has Twilight and New Moon. I completely freaked out when I saw this girl in my Spanish class holding it.

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Post by Mayde »

My fondest memories would just be meeting all these people who are just as obessed as I am. Also, just reading through pages and pages of the first vampire mating thread for the first time was great. Lots of interesting analogies and innuedos...
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Post by la tua cantante »

mhhhmmm i ve got so many
probably meeting so many new and nice people, and actually being able to meet them personally 8 like all the spanish guys, thanks to the lex now i ve got amazing friends) but not only in spain, just to name a few of them cami, erynne, sentinels melody, moolight sonata, lena bergel, black angel, chaos, banna, bellasluves, lookinthestars, twilightlove, ..
they ve been all terribly kind to me in many different ways, and i ll be alawys grateful and happy that i met them

and of course, i love the banners and avies stuff, thanks to the lex i even learnt to use photoshop!!1 (how could i have lived without it so much time????????????)

all the fun we had with pinky, the post pic thread is getting really interesting too, my muffin family, henryville, i don t know there are so many special places and moments here i couldn t name them all

but above all, waht i said before: the people, thats what i feel more happy for, the fact that i ve met loads of new people and now i have really good friens, here in spain and all over the world ^^
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