What was the last movie you saw?

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What was the last movie you saw?

Post by Felicia »

There's a book and music thread, why not movies?

I just saw Tristan and Isolde this afternoon. It was really sad. =(
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Post by kL1028 »

i rented an american haunting a few weekends ago...it was pretty good
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Post by firefly »

In theatres? Superman Returns, I think.

On DVD, probably Serenity for the umpteenth time.
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Post by Andalusian »

Wild Hogs

It was hysterical! :lol:
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Post by Verdande »

I saw Romeo + Juliet about two hours ago. I love that movie...
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Post by Breathtaking_Soul »

I love Tristan & Isolde!!! I just finished watching The Chronicles of Narnia, it was good!!!!
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Post by Incantare »

Because I Said So. Hilarious. I loved Lauren Graham in it. Mandy Moore wasn't bad, either.
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Post by edwardluver131 »

OMG! Okay this REALLY off topic, but I must express how happy I felt when I saw Verdande used the banner I made!!! Yipee!!!

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Post by Forsaken »

Tristan and Isolde is AMAZING
I love that movie

I just watched the devils rejects
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Post by Alicia »

In theatres, the last think I saw was... um... Employee of the Month.
And I watched The Matrix Reloaded this afternoon.
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