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Giving Bella a Bandaid...again
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1. What was your initial thought about the fact that Charlie told Bella Goat Rock wasn't a good place for camping? Did you wonder what else Edward might be doing up there?
I knew before I read it he was a vampire, so I kind of guessed.

2. How did you feel about Lauren and her open dislike of Bella?
I thought she was a jealous...snob.

3. What was your first impression of Jacob Black? Did you like him? Did you get the sense that he was interested in Bella as more than a friend?
I didn't like him at all. I thought he was annoying because he kept saying they knew each other, and she didn't even remember him :roll: I thought he definitely had a crush on her.

4. Why do you suppose Jacob didn't believe the legends of his people as readily as Bella did?
Bella had some unlikely interactions that left her prone to believe something.

5. Given the fact that the stories about the "cold ones" are true, how do you feel about the idea that we could see some werewolves in future books?
I think we already have the answer to this question :D

'Are we going to feel complete at the end of Breaking Dawn?'' she whispered pleadingly....''I can't really answer that question for you,'' she said, her voice both cheerful and firm. ''But I felt closure.''

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1. I already knew he was a vampire and that he thirsted for Bella's blood (thanks again back cover) so, since he hadn't eaten her yet, and no one was mysteriously disappearing, I figured he had to be feeding on animals.
2. I think it's a nice touch, it reminds me that Bella is just a typical girl in a typical high school. It helped me relate to Bella and I was also thinking, "Whoa! No one even notices that there are VAMPIRES in the school...and they're not necessarily stupid either." So, naturally, I had to stare at every pale kid I saw in the hallway for a while and I'm still suspicious of any transfer student :D
3. I thought he was just another annoying guy after Bella. (Did I just answer three questions in 1 sentence? 8) )
4. Bella had been exposed to the Cullens a lot more than any other person and she was searching for answers.
5. I'm not going to answer that one :wink:
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