Theater Geeks Sound Off

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Theater Geeks Sound Off

Post by pelirroja »

Just reading the intro posts, I'm realizing that there are quite a few of us who are into theater.

I have a full time day job, but at night I do a bit of everything a two community/regional theaters.

Who else is out there?
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Post by Alphie »

Well you know I am! Now if only Tennessee had as much theatre as they do crappy country music. Sorry to those of you who like country. I prefer the sounds of Broadway, personally! My current favorite is Wicked. I am ACHING to see it!
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Post by Bloodrose »

I love the theatre im training to be able to work on lighting decks and have so far worked on 25 shows and counting :) i have been to see phantom of the opera 3 times and hopeful will go to see guys and dolls later this year.
I almost saw wicked when i was in NY last Febuary but i didnt get a chance ,instead we saw hairspray
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Post by monroeD »

i bought the Wicked soundtrack, it's sooo good, especially defying gravity, i recomend it to anyone and everyone
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Post by Taylor »

The theatre is basically my life. I practically live backstage. I've been working for the past couple of years and lost count on all the shows I've worked on. I'm currently in the costume crew for "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".
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Post by PinkPixie »

I've done plays as long as i can remember. Can't get enough, i love watching them even more.
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Post by ~Foxiego~ »

I love musicals! Not nessesarily seeing them, but listening to them on my ipod and singing along really loudly, annoying my sister to no end! I'm just crazy like that.... :oops: :)
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Post by Rosalie »

I LOVE the theatre. I actually just performed a few days ago in my school play, lol. I'm still a big-time amateur though; I've only been stage acting for a year-and-a-half. The last play I went to see was "Wicked" (I would've preferred the original cast, but the new cast was still phenomenal.). The tickets were a gift for my fourteenth birthday. Luckily, New York's only about a two hour ride from where I live, so it's easy to go up and see whatever's on Broadway, et cetera. I really want to see Phantom of the Opera
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Post by sadie_leona »

I perform on stage for our local theatrical club. I am also seeing Beauty and the Beast on I think the 28th of April on Broadway. I also have pending tickets to Cats in Green Bay, Wisconsin (about an hour south of me).
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Post by michL87 »

Alphie wrote:My current favorite is Wicked. I am ACHING to see it!

I LOVE Wicked. I've seen it a bunch :D
... have you checked on the tour dates?

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