SM - Alphie and Pel and the lunch with Stephenie!!!

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SM - Alphie and Pel and the lunch with Stephenie!!!

Post by Alphie »

Hello all!! It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in New Jersey and Pel and I are recovering from our adventure down to DC to have lunch with Stephenie. I thought you all might be interested in the details.

It took us less than four hours to get to DC, which was great because that meant we arrived early and had more time with Steph. We got to her hotel at the book expo before 11 and met her in the lobby. It took me all of two seconds to spot her and give a little squeal. We hugged and kind of took a moment to get over the surreal moment. Now, you have to consider that I talk on the phone with her all the time, so it was a little less dumbfounding for me than it was for Pel, I think. When I first called Steph on the cell to tell her we were early, Pel was like, "I can't believe that was her on the phone!" So we were a little fan girlish for a very brief moment, and then it just felt like we were conversing with an old friend.

She had presents for us, and vice versa. She gave us both an "I love Edward Cullen" t-shirt as well as a copy of the audio version of Twilight. Folks, when she says the shirts run small, she ain't kidding! I have pictures of Pel and me in our shirts. (Now, I'm not the tiniest of people. I'm a big girl and working hard to get smaller, but you'll be able to see in the picture that the shirt is TIGHT and I'm (the blonde) wearing an XXL. Pel (the redhead) is wearing the same size and it looked just right on her. She's about a size or two smaller than me though. So consider this your warning on ordering the shirts. If you are a 14 - 16 expect them to be tight.)

We sat in the hotel room for a while chatting and getting to know each other. Steph is very normal and easy going and so funny. The dry sense of humor you get in Twilight is totally the way she talks. We got lost in conversation so much that we forgot we were on a parking meter, and by the time we got outside we had a parking ticket. Oops.

So then we walked around looking for a good place to eat. There were a few choices and we decided on the Tapas restaurant. WONDERFUL food, awful service. Really. It was like pulling teeth to get my water refilled. We didn't tip her very much. LOL! And wouldn't you believe that when we moved the car to park close to the restaurant, we ended up getting yet ANOTHER parking ticket. This one being twice as expensive. Grrr.....

So we go back to Steph?s hotel and dump all the change we have between the three of us into a meter to give us another hour and a half. We went in her room where she proceeded to tease us with glimpses of the vast amount of information on her lap top. You will see in the picture that she opened the files for both Eclipse and Forever Dawn. SQUEE!! Have fun trying to decipher the text that is visible. Hehehe....

Eventually Steph?s phone rang and she had to get going to do her official author duties. We hugged and said thanks and headed on out. It was around 4 pm, so that gave us nearly five hours of chatting and just having a good time. We talked about anything and everything, from our kids to fanfiction to the publishing business. She is just delightful!

But our story doesn't end there, folks. You see, it took Pel and me nearly EIGHT hours to get home. We had traffic jam after traffic jam after traffic jam. By 8:00 at night, we were still in Maryland!! A distance that should taken us a half hour took us FOUR FREAKING HOURS. It was awful. We didn't get back into New Jersey until after 11 pm. Needless to say, we crashed into our beds.

So as you look over the pictures and possibly feel jealous, consider this?

Eleven hours in a car...

$75 in parking tickets...

$10 worth of really bad Burger King?

Meeting Stephenie Meyer?priceless.




P.S. We just have to add that The Light in the Piazza, Wicked (as I'm sure it will be tonight), and Manhattan are just wonderful.
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Post by Katie Louise »

:shock: OMG OMG OMG OMG :shock: :shock: OMG OMG OMG!!!! :shock:
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Post by Harasliz »

Katie Louise wrote::shock: OMG OMG OMG OMG :shock: :shock: OMG OMG OMG!!!! :shock:

Yes, that truly says it all. :mrgreen:
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Post by Annabella »

That is truely amazing. I would kill for a chance to meet Stephenie Meyer. She is my idol, everything I want to be. You are extremely lucky. Thank you so much for posting pictures. That's incredibly sweet to do for all of us unfortunates. Haha.
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Re: Alphie and Pel and the lunch with Stephenie!!!

Post by Eri »

I'm sure you had a great time with Stephenie, and i'm happy you had the opportunity to meet her, you make a great job with the lexicon :wink:

Alphie wrote:So as you look over the pictures and possibly feel jealous, consider this?

Eleven hours in a car...

$75 in parking tickets...

$10 worth of really bad Burger King?

Meeting Stephenie Meyer?priceless.

I love your sense of humor, at least you got in return a t-shirt and the Twilight cd :lol:
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Post by Madame X »

Bad Burger King aside, SO LUCKY! And I love those t-shirts, even if they run small.

Have fun trying to decipher the text that is visible. Hehehe....

Already on it! I can see the chapter title is "Joy" but I'm going to need to use a picture formatter to increase the brightness and try to figure out the rest.

And you wish I was joking.
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Post by blood_lust »

OMG, i am so jealous. I wouldn't mind the 11 hours in the car or the $85 on tickets and food, it's worth it to meet Stephanie. I would love to meet Stephanie. Thank you so much for posting the story though, and for the wonderful puctures! :P
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First line down...

Post by xTaylsx »

AHHHHHH! Thats incredibly exciting! You both are two beautiful ladies whom I envy :!: Oh.. and I also have the majority of the first sentence down. I dont know if I should put it up here, or let you guys figure it out for yourselves. You didnt get to actually read any of it, DID YOU? Ahhhh!

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Post by Raezyn101 »

Umm... Wow. That's about all I could think reading that, lol. You are absolutely lucky! And like the others, I'm just about to take the pictures and decipher them myself..>.< Who could pass up a chance to get more Twilight knowledge? There for say would be like shutting yourself in a room..without having Twilight right on your desk! An impossibility!

Most importantly, thanks. You might have been the one to meet her, (Lucky..>.<) but you still shared it with us. For this I am thankful. ^^
Alphie, Pel, & Steph Ai Desu. ^^

Edit-Surprisingly, Forever Dawn was really easy to decipher. ^^ yay for being easy..xD
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Post by NIKKI »

you are so lucky for meeting her! im so jealous right now. thanks for telling us about your day with stephenie!
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