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Post by elle »

I didn't find a thread on this so I hope I'm not reposting anything. In my other message board this was really popular, primarily because we could rant about it and such. But that board sadly died :cry: . So I need some female support!

School starts on Monday (back from Winter Break) and I have it :cry: . This is really bad for me since my school rarely has bathrooms open. So I was hoping to be able to route out a map of where I could go, and now nothing.

So rant about the crimson tide!
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Post by Cocoa »

My husband calls it my "flow"!! I hate that, am I a river or something??? I am not a leaky pipe...I am a WOMAN!!!


I'd take that shot that's supposed to get rid if it for 3 months at a time, but I'm paranoid it will give me cancer 10 years down the road :lol: !
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Post by the_tall_girl »

I have it right now. I hate it. It brings back aweful childhood memories. Lol

Pills don't work. I have cramps like hell. Agh.

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Post by y3nd0 »

OH GOSH. Hahaha. I was thinking about a new thread like this one... saying guys weren't allowed. :P

I was talking about this at another forum... I had a bad one on the day I came back from Winter Break. :\ Two days before... it wasn't as bad. And then, it just started flowing and going during school... good thing I always keep a spare
"one" in my backpack. :P So at the other forum, someone referred to a bad period as, "A Red Ninja." OH GOODNESS. Imagine if you were talking to your friends about "Red Ninja's"... guys would think it's something really cool. Haha...

I don't usually get cramps... which is great. :)

Either way... I wish guys would go through the same thing, so they don't have to look at us as special subjects. :\ Why do we girls have to go through this?

Well, periods are icky. :( Too bad we have to live about... 30 years with it every month. O_o
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Post by rockon082 »

Mine or horrible...I makes me so uncomfortable! I can't take it sometimes...but, I'm not regular yet (I think something is wrong with me! I first started my period a few years ago!) so it's getting me back for all the months I get away without it. My body hates me!! time, I had to have my mom's boyfriend go get pads for was horrible and sooo embarrassing! :oops:
I will always make sure I am well stocked from now on!
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Post by Violet »

This is a very peculiar topic.

But yeah, my periods are very irregular. Sometimes I can go without them for about two months. I know that sounds unhealthy, and I'm sure some of you are like, "OMG! VIOLET IS PREGNANT!" But really, it's normally. One of my best friends is the same way, and she's sixteen. =] So yeah. When I do have mine, they tend to be pretty... heavy. They only last for four or five days though.

And have mercy, don't even get me started on cramps. They are my worst enemy. Some nights when I'm on my period, I have the worst cramps in the middle of the night. About two months ago, I had one on a Sunday, and another on the following Tuesday. They were so bad I was crying and screaming and couldn't go to sleep for hours.
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Post by amber_eyes17 »

Oh, the poor guys who stumble onto this thinking we're talking about hours in school or punctuation.

I just finished up. I wish you could like decide not to start until you're ready to have a child. & I agree! Guys should have to deal with it too! I hate how they always think they know what you're going through... yeah right! :roll: jerks. all of them. (okay, maybe not, but I'm bitter today!)
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Post by Wolf_Gurl »

My dad of all people makes fun of me and my sisters! He's in a house with four other girls and he's the only guy. But whenever he makes us mad or we're upset about something...he's all like "Someone has a visitor!" or "Is Aunty Flow here for a visit?" Sometimes he says it when we're around OTHER PEOPLE!!!! dad if furiating sometimes. lol

Anywayz...i figure that because women are stuck with monthly cramps and hormonal rages and such things, that's why guys have such sensitive "southernly areas." lol When we get mad at them for things (like what my dad does) we can just give 'em a lil kick. lol

i know...i'm evil....

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Post by Lena Bergel »

Oh my God, I get the worst cramps in the history of forever! Seriously, I do. My whole trip to California this summer was ruined because I had killer cramps during the plane ride and was crying and disturbing people, I couldn't ride anything in Disneyland or Universal Studios or other theme parks and just sat and drank water for hours, and it was just horrible. I don't get them a lot, but when I do, they are the worst cramps ever. Not to mention I get really really grouchy and moody when I PMS too. Argh.
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Post by jadoretoi »

I swear guys get periods, or atleast pms.

Have you ever notcied that act so..b*tchy[hah, that's the only word i could think of, sorry] about every month?
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