why did you pick the name that you picked?

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why did you pick the name that you picked?

Post by twilight_zoned »

as your twilight screen name.

i pick mine lol because its like... twilight and the tv show "the twilight zone" so its like "twilight_zoned" like i'm zoned in on twilight lol.....
my new username is fabrixboutafray
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Post by Topaz »

I chose mine because I was thinking about Edward's eyes. :lol: Yay! (I was also rereading Twilight and Bella was talking about Edward's eyes)
Learning to Love Green
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Location: if i never get out of here, tell my family i love them

Post by twilight_zoned »

haha cool!
my new username is fabrixboutafray
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Post by PinkPixie »

PinkPixie has been my nick name for years. I'm cute and tiny so Pixie kind of stuck and i love pink, i mean wild hot pink not baby pink here!

Post by pelirroja »

I've been Pelirroja forever online. It means redhead in Spanish (which I know as a second language, and my skill as rapidly deteriorating in because I never use it anymore...but that's another story.
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Post by Bellawannabe13 »

I chose the name Bellawannabe13 because, well, I want to be Bella. Really though who doesn't? If you were Bella, you would get Edward. Ooh lala... Plus she is one of the best es I have ever read about in a book. No pun intended on the whole Bella is Edward's e thing, LOL...I added the 13 part to my name because it is my birth date (Dec.13) and one of my lucky numbers. Plus, I thought it was kind of a cool coincidence that Bella's birthday was on September 13 and My Birthday is December 13. And that is the story of my screen name. :wink:
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-Edward Cullen, Ch.15, Twilight
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Post by Evenfall »

Well, originally my name is PirateRogue, but I'm not on a Pirates or X-men site, so I decided to change it. I wanted a Twilight related name that was original. So I have this site that gives you related words and I put in Twilight, and the world Evenfall came up, so I used it! :D
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Post by ~Foxiego~ »

Foxiego..... heh, heh. Ok, the story behind this may completely freak out some people. I tend to not share it, but it isn't as if I believe what I said anymore, so I figure what the heck....

Foxiego (pronouced Foxi-ego) was one of my first words spoken. As a young child(I'm talking two-ish here) I used to tell my mother that in a past life I had another mother and that my name was Foxiego. Foxiego had died by falling down a large set of white stairs with no safety rails. (I used to have reoccurring dreams of this.) Obviously, this was enough to totally creep out my parents. It also caused a lot of trouble in my preschool/elementary years. It also caused my entire church (and parts of my school population) to refer to me as Foxiego. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember my real name.... :P

I don't believe this anymore, obviously. But, it is an interesting story none-the-less. Plus, I wouldn't want to start a new account after so much time being Foxiego on the internet -lol! :lol:

Wow... this got long. Sorry about that. Next time I'll say it's because I love foxes and San Diego rocks. (Both are true, By the way...) ^_^
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Post by LikeASunburn »

"He stings like a sunburn" is a lyric from my second favorite song... I've used this as a sn for years now.

For random's sake, my #1 favorite song lyric is "Just one breath is a million sighs" I think you might know that one Bailey :wink:
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Post by Aerosol »

A friend gave me the nickname Aerosol, citing the reason was because it was totally unrelated to me. I tend to think I got the better end of the deal since her's was Bottlecap. Aerosol has stuck ever since, and I really haven't met too many with the nickname "Aerosol", making me use it even more.
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