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Jacob Black

Post by pelirroja »

This is the place to discuss all the things you've wondered about Jacob Black.
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Post by mythfilledgrl »

I think he has a thing for Bella. because she flirted with him
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yeah- i think you're right. I feel bad for him, he reminds me of a bunch of people i know (all squished together), and that makes me want to be nice to him. i feel bad- but he's NOT FOR BELLA. I wouldn't change his relashionship *heh- i don't think i spelled that right...*- but i still feel that little twinge of guilt whenever i read parts with him in it.

not for bella...

maybe for me.... :D
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Post by rgfawkes »

I don't really like Jacob that much probaly for the same reason that Edward dosen't. He shows more than a friendly interest in Bella and he needs to back off. I do feel sorry for him for it though.
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Post by Hellish Red Devil »

I like Jacob. I feel like he'll play a bigger role in future books. He's a nice kid--just doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.
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Post by Manda »

I happen to like Jacob. He seems like a really nice guy. One of my favorite characters in the book too. I do truly hope that he doesn't come between Bella and Edward at all though.

I hope that he finds out that Edward and his family truly are vampires. That would be so interesting. ^___^
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Post by Alphie »

I think there is real potential with Jacob and I hope we get to read more about him. Yes, I got the feeling that he has a crush on Bella, but then who doesn't?!?! I just think it's interesting that he's the one who broke the treaty. Maybe I'm reading more into that than I should, but I got to make a big deal out of it in my Edward version. Kind of like when I thought Snape was a vampire - I made a big deal out of that in fan fic too and it panned out to be nothing. Still, he broke the treaty and I can't overlook that.

Post by Alice »

Jacob creeps me out. It's probably because he reminds me of one of my horrid cousins. My cousin is not only car part-obsessed, he looks like Jacob, too. Only my cousin is a jerk and Jacob doesn't seem to be.
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Post by AleviaCullen »

I Luv Jacob Black, and that is so weird because i have no clue about this character--but i have a thing for Blacks :P Sirius Black, Jacob Black and i think bella did him wrong by flirting with his poor soul. . . . it isnt his fault he fell for her !!!
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Post by Rosalie »

Jacob is...okay. I mean, he's nice enough, but because of the fact that he comes between Edward and Bella all the time kind of irks me. I dunno, there are some scenes in the book where I think he's an awesome character, and others where I just want to skip over his part. It's like a love/hate situation...lol.

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