Questions on Vampire Mating

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Questions on Vampire Mating

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All topics associated with Vampire mating are discussed in great detail on the following 9 threads:

The VMT Link List...

VMT #1 (Where baking was born, and the trials began)
VMT #2 (continueing the trials)
VMT #3 (ending the trials)
VMT #4 (The Song contest)
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VMT #6
VMT #9

Mating FAQ:

-A vampire can mate with a human, but a vampire is very strong and could easily hurt/kill the human.

-It has been discussed and theorized that because venum replaces most bodily fluids, it relaces the need for blood in a sexual organ.

-A Vampire can not get pregnant.

- Edward is a virgin. And so is Bella.

- Vampires are anatomically correct.

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