True Things #8

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True Things #8

Post by bronzehairedgirl »

Truth: You all did better (until the last day or two) with #7 and made it last longer.
Truth: #7 lasted a month and was 119 pages long.
Truth: We are a PG-13 site and this thread needs to stay within those boundaries.
Truth: Someone needs to PM me when this thread reaches 100 pages.
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Post by Gabbie »

YAY! First post! Haha. :D

Truth: I just got home from school.
Truth: My religion teacher gave us an assessment.
Truth: Ugh!
Truth: School is really getting me down,haha.
Truth: I'm really hungry.
Truth: My little brother painted me another picture at pre-school today.
Truth: He's way cute.
Truth: It's a picture of him,with a sun,a tree and water. Hahaha.
Truth: I love Wednesdays! They're half days at school <3
Truth: I have to work tonight. Ew.
Truth: My dad had an operation today.
Truth: I hope it went okay.
Truth: I'm staying down at his house tonight.
Truth: I'm not going to school tomorrow. :)
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Post by CamberXite »

Thanks for the new thread BHG! *huggles*

Truth : I'm listening to Green Day now :D
Truth : I really want to see them live in concert
Truth : I'm helping Evey choose good songs to download
Truth : I keep telling her NO ALL TIME LOW! Ugh!

Truth : I just posted under my Gabbeh Babbeh! *squee* Haha!
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Post by cutesweetiezzz »

Truth: 3rd post!
Truth: new thread!
Truth: so happy
Truth: been waiting for it

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Post by xoxocamille »

Truth -- Today was an okay day.
Truth -- I picked up my brother today at my cousin's house.
Truth -- I pre-ordered my copy of Breaking Dawn today!
Truth -- I played the Wii at Best Buy today, it was fun!
Truth -- I'm currently watching TV.
Truth -- I wish more people would go online.
Truth -- Malaz, come home sooon! :D
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Post by a_n_n_a »

Truth: Tomorrow there is soccer on.
Truth: Hopefully tomorrow I can do more laundry before I leave.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Truth: Im feeling accomplished that I now have found all of the Confession & Prediction icons :D
Truth: Im drinking a warm Dr.Pepper.
Truth: I will finish Twilight for the 4th time tonight in my attempt to catch up to the Twilight Summer Reading Program.
Truth: Next Friday is 4th of July!
Truth: I think Sarah & I will be blowing up stuff somewhere.
Truth: I cant believe Camber is so against ATL & CS, but Greenday is amazing.
Truth: BHG deserves a brownie for the new thread *sends brownie with cute little bow on top to BHG*
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Post by CamberXite »

Truth : I can't stand All Time Low, or Cobra Starship
Truth : They are both terrible excuses for bands in my opinion
Truth : Panic at the Disco is better than them :shock: *gasps*

Truth : I'm more of a hardcore person
Truth : I bet people think the music I listen to is weird, but whatever
Truth : Bring on the metal!
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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

truth- yay for finally a new thread.
truth- i have a feeling it's going to start really bad.
truth- but eventually i think it'll do better.
truth- my phone rang twice without actually ringing. ugh.
truth- i hate it when it does that.
truth- yesterday i missed 19 calls beucase it never actually rang.
truth- i need to train it.
truth- my bff just saw Rent again on broadway.
truth- shes on the way home now.
truth- she is sooo lucky.
truth- hse's going to Europe for an ambassador trip and gets to site see.
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Post by kvampireloverr »

Truth:i like some metal but lately i'm really into indie music
Truth:it's kind of weird i never really liked it before and i really like it now
Truth:some metal songs are horrible
Truth:but some are really awesome and they just make you want to jam
Truth:picnic tomorrow!
Truth:i feel bad because my friend really wanted me to change it because he has school
Truth:i told him it wasn't my fault he decided to take college classes over the summer
Truth:but then i apologized
Truth:i hope he stil loves me *fingers crossed*
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