Chapter Eighteen: Instruction

Our chapter by chapter discussion of Eclipse.
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1. Do you feel Bella's fears for Jacob and the pack being involved in the fight are reasonable?

No. They were able to kill Laurent without a problem. I think she is over reacting about this.

2. The wolf pack has grown in number. Who did you suspect the new werewolves were?

I honestly had no clue. I figured that maybe Seth Clearwater was one of them because he was a boy. I was surprised about Leah.

3. How did you think the wolves and vampires would manage to work together? What about Jacob and Edward's cooperation for Bella's safety?

I think they would have found a way to work together just because Bella is involved. If it was anything else I don't think it would have run so smoothly. The Jacob/Edward dynamic for this is odd. They both like Bella but they sort of put that aside to keep her safe. I think it will definitely make the rest of the book very interesting.

4. What were you thinking as you read about Jasper's exercises with his siblings?

It was definitely interesting to see Japser in this light. I was also wondering if when Edward fights a newborn if it would be a draw like the battle with Jasper. Just like Bella when it was Esme's turn I was concerned. I don't think of her like that either.

5. What did you predict Bella's reaction would be to Jacob in wolf form? Were you surprised?

I wasn't surprised by her reaction. I figured she would react the way she did in the book.
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