BD - 8/5 Chicago @ Harris Theater

News and announcements pertaining to Stephenie Meyer.
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BD - 8/5 Chicago @ Harris Theater

Post by Cocoa »

8/5 - Chicago @ Harris Theater

Breaking dawn/Blue October signing
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Post by Kizmet »

I am SO excited for this! I live in Wisconsin but I will get to this signing one way or another.
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Post by sprinkledpink »

Woot!! Chicago represent! Who is with me!?

I will definitely take off work for this. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know. I am game.

*much thanks to for avatar*
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Post by Calianna »

This sounds so amazing!
I will be there for sure!
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Post by Jillybean »

This is super cool because I'm in Wisconsin. Except the last time I drove in Chicago I almost killed myself and my sister, so my mom might need to be dragged along as a chauffeur...
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Post by Kayteebrown »

This is going to be amaaaaaaaazgin!@!
here's the link to the theater.
it's right by Milenium Park. ahaha. imagine downtown chicago on the day of her tour.
Eeee!! I'm SOSO excited =]]

*raises hand* i'm definetly going. and if my parents say I can't...then i'm chaining myself to a tree until they let me, haha!
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Post by Kayteebrown »

Actually, here's a better site for pictures. It's just wikepedia, but it has info and shizz.

I've always passed the building by, but never known what it was. Gahhh!!! EXCITINGGG.

I'm definetly up for meeting up with anyone! Just chat with me and we'll talk about it =]]] ... Chicago%29
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Post by Isabel0329 »

oh my god oh my god oh my god.

I'm not kidding when I say I cannot describe how unbelievably excited I am that she's coming to Chicago. I will totally be there! And bring friends!

Seriously, I was praying for this. And I think I'm hyperventilating a little now. No kidding.
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Post by Mallory »

Pardon my ignorance, but what is Blue October? I must have missed that on her website...

And I'm so going to try to make it up to Chicago. I have to.
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Post by somethingblue »

Blue October is one of her favorite bands and she had been noted to say that much their music is very symbolic of Edward and Bella's relationship (I think the wonderful Be My Escape, music guru that she is, told me this). They are very cool and are alternative rock.

That being said, I believe with the combination of Blue October and Stephenie Meyer, Mr. Blue will go with me and make it a fun trip to Chicago! YAY!
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