Jacob still Runnning

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Jacob still Runnning

Post by Be My Escape »

Will he or won't he return that is the question. What do yout hink about JAcob still running and not talking to anyone? Do you think he will come back? What about him knowing Bella is checking in on him, does she have the right to?

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Post by LadyGuenwyvar »

I cannot blame him- it happened to me in my life recently and I am running away too...

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Post by Hopelessly_Obsessed »

I think that he will eventually run into the Denali group
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Post by Mystical »

I don't think he would not ever come back. SM wouldn't let go one of of her favourite characters just like that, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Jacob in the next book.
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Post by faizacullen »

i think that its only right for bella to confront him... but not go anything past being a friend.
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Post by o0Vampiresque~Ziren0o »

I guess somehow...I cant blame him for running, he is hurting and he needs time to calm down and heal. But What is he doing in Canada?...i cannot guess. I cant blame him for being mad at Bella, but I cant blame her for wanting to know if hes alive. Actually, I cant make up my mind about a lot of things...so yeah.

The 'missing' posters are just heartbreaking. I really wish he would come back and face things like a man. Sometimes you just have to forget what you feel and deal with what youre given. I love Jacob half to death, I just wish he could be happy.

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Post by artisticlicence »

POOR JAKE!!! :( it was soooo sad!! but i really hope he come to terms with bella and edward, although, saying that, their tensions are bound to erupt at some stage, when he comes back (because he will, i have faith in it :wink: ). i also hope that he meets someone who loves him, maybe that will be why he comes back - to show his dad and the others :P
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Post by Ana Cristina »

As I said in an earlier post, I do think Jacob will return. He cares too deeply for Bella to stay away for too long. Something will make him come running back ... and I have a feeling that that something might be a confrontation of some type in which he'll be concerned for Bella's safety.
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Post by ~Angie~ »

Jacob has to return. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned before or during the wedding, just to add a little spice to the event. It will be interesting to see if/when he comes back and what takes place when he does. I think that I have a million different scenarios in my head with what will/could happen upon his return! I can't wait to find out...I do like Jacob, but I hope that he doesn't ruin the relationship or wedding for Edward and Bella {I am an Edward fan!!}.
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Jacob running

Post by kasmooski »

I'm thinking that Jacob is planning to stay away until at least after the wedding, so that he's not tempted to try and crash it. He still loves Bella, and doesn't want to hurt her. Besides, being there for the wedding would be too painful for him. I think he'll come back eventually. The fact that he's in northern Canada makes me think that maybe he really will run into the Denali Clan. If that happens, there's bound to be some sort of conflict because of the whole Laurent thing... hmmm....
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