Gutter Girls meet Betty Crocker Adult Thread #9

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Gutter Girls meet Betty Crocker Adult Thread #9

Post by Cocoa »

This is the PG+ rated Adult thread (its probably closer to PG-13, but even we have our limits). For G-rated conversations see the Heavenly Hash Adult Thread.

Thread guidlines carried over from previous threads...

Welcome to the Gutter, please follow these rules to prevent us all from drowning in this thread or any other.

It is important to remember that the main forums are not a chat room or an IM feature. Posts need to be of some length and relate to the topic. One line posts, especially just saying LOL or something similar take up a lot of room and are hard for people to wade through when they have many pages to catch up on.

Related to that, it's not necessary to post just to say good morning, goodnight or to "keep the thread alive." You can certainly say good morning at the top of your first post of the day, but don't make it the ONLY thing you say. As for keeping the thread alive, it's not going anywhere. It will still be here long after all of us have moved on to newer things.

Quoting. The quote feature is neat. And helpful but when quoting, delete out the parts of the quote that aren't necessary to your response. Quoting, especially when pictures are included take up TONS of room on the lex and make it hard for all of us. It's quick and easy to cut out the parts that are unnecessary. Quoting is also one of the easiest places to fall into IM behavior. It is so frustrating to have to scroll through tons of quotes just to get an "I agree." questions that don't benefit the whole group, or are directed at one person need to go into the PM feature. If we constantly repost thins like links or topics from the past, we burn
through unnecessary pages.

Straying off topic. This one is probably the hardest, since we are an off topic thread. So I can't ask for much here, perhaps just a little mindfulness when it comes to posting. Consider if it is something for the whole group, or something that belongs in a PM.

Those of us who started out on this thread LOVE it. It has been our home here. We love new people, and
new ideas. We do want everyone to play nice and have fun. We would hate for something to happen to this thread.

This thread (well version 2 of this thread) started as a "safe" place that adults could come and discuss the books, theories, and a few other topics. Many of us felt we had little in common with the teens that posted on the majority of the threads. Also many of us were very put off by all the hate post eclipse or by getting flamed for our more adult opinion based on our broader experience. Usually someone would post a question and we would all weigh in. It was great!

It was a thread where Jake girls and Edward girl had fun side by side, delighting in these wonderful men Stephenie has created.Several of us have even been converted to a greater understanding of the Volturi. Sometimes we joke about our desire to polish the granite boys or groom the dogs (Pel started that actually.) But we used to keep it strictly to innuendo no deeper than that.

We often discuss other books that we are reading as well. Some of us have a list of over 200 books to check out as a result of this thread! I think we even have discussed movie and TV recommendations as well.

This has been a wonderful safe haven to many of us since Eclipse and we have formed some wonderful friendships.

Indepth Conversations are Welcome and wanted, but please bear in mind the Manifesto when posting on this thread and any other. Edward is not a manipulating Jerk, nor is Jacob a rapist.
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Post by Spooncha »

NO WAY!!!! I'M FIRST! Never happened before. Wheeeee! "Betty Crocker"--snort. This has to be the most motivated group of people in all of cyberdom. Was a decision ever made about illustrations? What about something seasonal? We could maim more holiday-centric songs as was done for "The Gutter Christmas Song." That was incredibly fun. Just a thought.
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Post by cullengirl »

Di- To answer your quesition, I like two: wikispaces and pbwiki. Pbwiki is a lot more nice and neat looking. I'm going to be using Pbwiki for the cookbook.

Spoon-Hmm...maybe we could put a section on Holiday cooking in the cookbook? Just a thought..
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Post by nissanmama »

I think once we get it set up we can add and edit as we see fit. We'll just start filling in the categories and make more if we need them.
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Post by alice whitlock »

So should we submit regular recipes? Or should we Twilightize them first? Or will we Twilightize them as a group?

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Post by Una »

It may be too difficult (and confusing for the recipients making the recipes) if we Twilightize the recipes. I think if we keep the recipes straight and Twilightize Section titles, illustrations and the cover it would keep things light hearted with our little dash of gutter innuendo.
The joy of this reminds me of children's cartoons. When I was a kid, I thought cartoons were funny because of the pictures, characters, and such. When I got older, I realized that a lot of the cartoons I thought were funny had some "adult content" but since it was masked by innuendo, colorful characters and action (the old slight of hand), children miss it and adults still found humor in it. I see our beloved Gutter Thread similarly and the cookbook is an tangible extension of it.
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Post by BDE »

That's my Spoon, breaking ground on the new thread! I'd wager that Betty Crocker never dreamed of this cookbook. :) I like the seasonal idea, or perhaps a special section for holiday treats as CG suggested. What are the Vampire holidays, anyway? I think that most preternatural beings would rather stay home on Halloween, viewing the event as over commercialized. But as long as there is some version of marshmallow peeps involved, I'm in. I dig my peeps! Second only to glorious Zagnut.
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Post by Spiro »

Betty Crocker meets the Gutter. My my my! Times certainly have changed. What would our grandmother's and mothers think?
I like the seasonal idea, can be more creative that way with the recipes.
So we start Memorial Day then?
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Post by nissanmama »

I am officially no longer a "nissan" mama. I've driven a Nissan since before I was pregnant with FS. I've had this one for the last twelve years. It went to nice family and I hope it will be well taken care of, but I felt a little like I was leaving a child behind when we drove away.

I now have no car for the next three weeks. I'm going to go stir crazy, over post here (like I don't do that anyway) and hopefully get my daughter's room painted.

It's amazing when you think about it, what goes on in a car. Aside from the obvious baking this is the car we have:
  • eaten
    spent the night
    rocked out
    thrown up
    changed clothes
    moved multiple times
    zoned out
    gotten a tan
    watched movies
    brought babies home from the hospital
    taught teens to drive
    shown our school spirit
Amazing the amount of living that goes on in the car.
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Post by twihardy »

N'mama - awww - an end to an era - I can't picture you in any other car!! *snifles* Hope you enjoy your new wheels!!

I like the idea of leaving the recipe part of the cookbook un-twilightized for simplicity, but the titles and illustrations totally vamped up! Should be so fun!!
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