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Post by Audraneyney »

Quick intro about me - I'm Andrea, 31yro sahm to two children (7yo & 8yo) and happily married for 10yrs.

Where are you from?
Currently in the process of moving back to San Diego after living in Japan for 3yrs

What are your interests?
reading, writing, traveling the world, and spending quality time with my family

How did you get hooked on the Twilight series?
I've been hearing about it on and off for awhile now and noticed it at the bookstore here in Japan and grabbed it - but was holding off on reading it till we lose our tv & internet during the big move. However a friend told me I had, had, had to read it so I did and now I'm hooked.

Who is your favorite minor character (meaning not Edward or Bella) and why?
Esme - probably because I relate to her more as being more motherly to all around me.

How did you find the Lexicon?
something was mentioned on twilightnovel.com I think.
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Post by prinsesa »

Welcome to the Lexicon! :) It's always nice to hear from someone having the same experience with the series like we all do.. it only goes to show that the Twilight series really is for everyone, no matter what age or profession. :)

Hope we can be friends. Enjoy your stay here! PM me if you need anything okay? :D
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Hey! Welcome! I'm another Twilight Fan from San Diego! I hope you enjoy it around here. The Lexicon is a great place for any addicted Twilight obsessed fan! Happy Posting!
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Post by nissanmama »

Welcome to the home of the happily obsessed! We love having new addicts post...it makes the rest of us feel more normal.

Check out the Newcomer's Guide, it's really helpful for navigating the site. Stephenie's Personal Correspondence is a must-read. I thought the timeline was really interesting too. Stephenie pops her head in here from time to time. You can use the search feature to find her posts. Her username is, amazingly, "Stephenie." Don't forget the "e".

See you around the boards.
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Post by virginiax7 »

Hi, and welcome to the Lexicon :)
Hope to see you around the boards!
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Post by Audraneyney »

Thanks to all who've welcomed me.
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Post by Lyric »

Welcome to the Lexicon!!! :D

I think there could be a few more welcomes to be had, wait for it.....

Have fun poking around, and feel free to PM me! :wink:
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Post by Sprtygal »

Welcome to the lex. Be sure to read the stickys at the top of the pages for rules, important information and interesting FAQ's. Happy Posting! :P
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Post by happy_alice »

hey! welcome to the lex! see you around the boards!
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Post by twilight_addict_13 »

Welcome Andrea!!
Have fun on the Lex!!
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