Meeting People

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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I met up with people in Nashville twice. The first time was when New Moon had just come out and Pel and alphie ahd organized a small gathering of 30 fans and Stephenie came as well.

The second was for the Prom that took place there. I stayed at a hotel not too far from Alphie and Cocoa, and Bronzehairedgirl, Sillybella came as well. Let's just say we were lucky we didn't get kicked out!!!

Cocoa and went to the Kruger and bought muffins and cookies. The at the check looked at us and said "You're not from around here are you" mainly because Cocoa asked to take her picture!!!!
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The lexicon has definitely opened up a whol;e new world for me.
I was never this involved in a fandom, but through the lexicon i have a meet lots of people i now think of as close friends.

it was only through the lexicon that i even knew that Stphenie planned to come to Ireland. and that was one of the best 'meet ups' ever.
at this event i was able to meet for the first time a fellow lexiconer Dragon-girl, who flew all the way from scotland for the signing. It was amazing to meet her in the flesh as she was also my beta and have known her for a good part of a year.
I finally have a face for the name!
At this event as well i discovered one of my 'real life' friends was an avid fan of twilight and was even a member of the lex too.
Thanks Lexicon!! :D

Thank you to AG for the amazing Banner!!
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I havn't meet-up with anyone, but I have a friend who is on the Lex but we were friends before that. I really love the Lex because I have friends from Australia, Ireland, exc. It's so cool to be able to connect with others who love Twilight just as much as I do. I really hope to meet some of you at a signing some day! :)
Thank you to Twilight<3 for the awesome banner! =D
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Due to the lex, I was able to meet some awesome people at the New Jersey e-prom. I have to say I felt a little ackward at first, but I met people that I still talk to today. It's great to be able to obsess with people over the books, and go over and over every little detail.

The lex helps me connect with people who get me. They understand my stupid jokes, and the things that slip out of my mouth relating to the world that Stephenie created. I have to say, I'm so grateful that this website was created, and I'm so thankful that the mods work so hard to keep the lex the wonderful place that it is. THANK YOU!!! :D
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Be My Escape wrote:Cocoa and went to the Kruger and bought muffins and cookies. The at the check looked at us and said "You're not from around here are you" mainly because Cocoa asked to take her picture!!!!
But, but...her name was DAWN!!!! IT was an OMEN!!!!
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The best part of the Lex for me is these wonderful and sometimes deep conversations we get to have with people all across the world. I have never met anyone personally from the Lex, but I would love to. You all are wonderful and I always look forward to coming to the Lex and reading what you all have to say. We're all from different places, and we all have different opinions, but we all agree....Twilight is great!!
Anyway, to all of you, I love our discussions...especially the ones that involve Edward!
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There are so many people on the Lexicon! WoW. Well i had the privlage to help plan an event with Fenar to have a breakfast at IHOP the Day of E-Prom and i met some amazing people there. Like Isabella Cullen, Roo, Fenar in person, Pel, Elvengirl (i think her name was ahhh i feel so bad cause she was so sweet). I met a lot of people but i can't remember their names i am so a face person. But they were all amazing. I Still keep in contact with Isabella Cullen. but it is hard when we all live so far away from eachother. I hope to see all these people i met again cause they were amazing. So many people and they are some of the nicest people you can meet.
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Post by love2dream »

Dano... Three cheers for SLTA! I moved across the country the beginning of this year to find 20 welcoming friends. I wish all the gals/guys in the gutter and on the hash could join us at our parties--we laugh 'til it hurts--and then some! Good times!
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Post by patienceisavirtue »

I must reiterate what Love 2 Dream said. The SLTA has given me friends I didn't know that I needed. It's so easy to get caught up with kids and hubby that I forgot that I needed girl time and this has certainly been a saving grace for me. If not for the lex, I would have missed something that has become a very important part of my life now. Thanks LEX. You rock!!!
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Re: Meeting People

Post by Isabella Cullen »

PEL wrote:Place to talk about meet ups with other fans
Eclipse Prom last year was the very first time I met Lexiconers in person, and I was scared out of my mind.
Truth be told, I wasn't sure how people would react when they met me. And though I love my username dearly, I freaked at what people would say when they found out who I was on here. :oops: :oops:

But it was the greatest experience I've ever had. I'll never forget Eclipse Prom. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's one of the happiest memories in my entire life. :D
Like KaseyHeartEdward said, we met so many incredible people that weekend. I keep up with as many of them as I can, and they're all beautiful and amazing people. :D
I <3 you Kasey!
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