Favorite Lexicon Memory

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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wheres that thread now? i want to read threw it and remember times lol
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ouisa wrote:My favorite lexicon moments would have to be the groomer/polisher debates and the amazing friendships that came out of all of that!
ouisa, let's not forget the "refreshment list" that also came into being while we were debating. Yummy!

Where's my polishing cloth? Hmmm.....

Second to the groomer/polisher debates, I'd have to say my favorite moments came when I was discussing the books with my Lex friends. It was as if we were all sitting around in someone's living room with the books and a ton of different desserts. These moments occurred on different threads, before and after Eclipse came out. We just talked about the books, what we thought about the characters and the plot, speculations on what would happen next (before Eclipse was out and now as we wait for Breaking Dawn), how it all related to our own lives. Everyone just talked and shared their opinions. As an adult fan, it was so much fun to talk to other adult readers about these YA books that I had fallen so in love with, and know that I had a connection with people all around the world.
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mine is most definitly bella's birthday
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Oh, wow, there are so many memories!

I agree that Bella's birthday was pretty high on the list. But I have to say that the April fools day was the best! I seriously thought it had been hacked and taken over, so I almost got a heart attack! Then I realized what it was xD

So much fun!

I love the podcasts too! They're so funny! I enjoy them a great deal!

Alphie wrote:One of my personal favorite "posting" moments happened behind the scenes. I think I talked baout it on a Padcast but I'm going to explain it here again anyway.
HAHA! LOL! That sounds hilarious! Poor BME![/quote]
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HAHA! LOL! That sounds hilarious! Poor BME!
It was so not hilarious!!!! And the really sad part was I was actually in the PM box looking at the new PM's and I didn't notice ANYTHING!!!!

The best part was Alphie asking me if there was anything I wanted to tell her like I was keeping a secret! Then she told me why and I almost died. So close yet so far[/quote]
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My favorite Lexicon Moment was the Spoodurence trials over on the VMT. Out of one off-hand comment spawned one seriously hysterical week of mayhem. :lol:
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Alphie wrote:One of my personal favorite "posting" moments happened behind the scenes. I think I talked baout it on a Padcast but I'm going to explain it here again anyway.

It was April Fools and we had all these accounts set up for the various characters. Now remember, in April of last year Eclipse hadn't yet been released... but Pel and I had both read it! So I was posting as Edward and she was posting as Jacob and we were "fighting" in PMs to each other about stuff that happened in Eclipse. Then we didn't delete the PMs!!! So later, when Be My Escape logged in as Jacob, she had EVERY CHANCE to read those PMs and be totally spoiled. But here is the kicker...


I figured it out after a while that anyone who logged in as those characters would be totally spoiled and I went in and deleted all the PMs about Eclispe. But Oh boy, did Pel and I get a big laugh on BME when we told her she could have known everything and missed her chance. And Pel and I were wiping our brows in relief that the secret was safe.
Are you going to do it again? I would love to be here! It sounds like soooooo much fun! That was really funny! Poor BME!
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For me well it would have to be Bella's Birthday! THat was a day that i was on the computer the whole day basicly. lol. I read all the posts prior to the time i came on (So i knew what was going on and jumped right in lol) I did a lot of posting it was fun. I remember waiting for someone for the books to come on and read what they posted. I love how we were on the subject of Baby Pictures some of us went in to carsile's study to find some. some were found ahh it was awesome. Also when Jasper was having his Unbirthday. That day was just tons of fun. Also the posting around Eclipse Prom was fun all of our excitment. lol. But Bella's Birthday was awesome i think at points somthing was slipped in the punch lol. Cause at times we were pretty loopy.

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my favortie memory was recieving my first PM! i know, i'm weird, but everyone was SO friendly!
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There are so many fun times... I loved the spoodurance trials, April Fools, and Bella's birthday. I guess Bella's birthday would have to be at the top of that list. I was logged in as Emmett. I was on a voice chat with Alphie, Pel, silly_bella, BME. Alphie kept sending me to respond as Emmett because Emmett was the only one that could get away with saying certain things. At one point I responded on a thread saying something along the lines of "Rose had me distracted. You have to love a woman that knows her way around under the hood." Now, mind you, it was late, I was half asleep and actually didn't intend the innuendo. Then I hear Pel bust out laughing, "OMG! Who is posting as Emmett?" It wasn't until I reread the post that I realized what I had said, but at least it was the perfect Emmett line. :lol:
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