Favorite Lexicon Memory

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Favorite Lexicon Memory

Post by PEL »

Now that we've been here a two years, What is your favorite Lexicon moment?...Meaning, encounters on the posting boards, not in real life.
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Love the Movie News

Post by DreamerTacy »

I'm pretty sure that every time they announced some big movie news was my favorite! I found this site right after Rob and Kristen were already cast as Edward and Bella, so I wasn't here for that. But every other cast member since then I knew I could rely on the big news being here first! Now I check it everyday (or else my day wouldn't feel complete).
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Post by danobanano »

The first memory that jumps into my mind was back on Bella's Birthday, when all the characters were on the boards, (which by the way was SO MUCH FUN). The REAL JASPER posts in the "I live in Forks" thread, and somebody responded under the impression that jasper was just a screen name and carried on a great conversation about how lovely it must be to actually live in Forks. Then when this member finds out it's the REAL JASPER she asks are you telling me the truth? and I posted with a "Why would a vampire lie?"

But my ALL Time Favorite memory of the Lexicon is when my name was mentioned on a FORKSCAST. That was awesome!
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Post by ouisa »

My favorite lexicon moments would have to be the groomer/polisher debates and the amazing friendships that came out of all of that!

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Favorite memory...

Post by Sweet_Crimson_Blood »

I haven't been on the Lexicon much; I'm not on the computer much.
But when I am, I'm here.
I love that the Lexicon is so friendly...we're all different people, from all over the world, but we all have one thing in common: We love Twilight. And that's what binds us together. It's this... this tie that can't be broken. It's like we're a family, because nobody else understands this obsession. We can go on the Lexicon, make new friends, and talk about the things that matter.

My favorite memory on the Lexicon was, of course, getting news! Every time more movie news was up, I freaked out.

But on the forums, my favorite memory was when it was Bella's birthday. I was really excited that day, and then I logged onto the Lexicon. I joined the birthday forum, and the 'Cullens' were on there. It was the funniest conversation I've ever read in my life.

My point? The Lexicon is brilliant. Thanks so much for having this site, because it seems that now we all need it to survive. Thanks so much, everybody.
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Post by laurelflower93 »

i think there will be a quick theme forming here... :)

my favorite was also bella's birthday, that was just amazing. you guys made my day. well, two, actually. i spend so long on the computer my eyes were red! but it was worth it :)
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Post by twilight_moon »

Well, there's just so MANY awesome Lexicon-moments that it's hard describe them all- they all rock equally & are seriously quotetastic. haha.

Although, I have to say, after seeing major posts on the homepage (especially movie updates/news) it is absolutely HILARIOUS to see all the "OMG's", the " *dies* " and the "I think I just fainted, then got back up, and fainted again" replies....

I couldn't stop laughing the day Robert got cast-- I checked in the morning, so I luckily saw the news, but when I got home later, the site was DOWN. Yeah, our fandom rocks. =]
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Post by Alphie »

One of my personal favorite "posting" moments happened behind the scenes. I think I talked baout it on a Padcast but I'm going to explain it here again anyway.

It was April Fools and we had all these accounts set up for the various characters. Now remember, in April of last year Eclipse hadn't yet been released... but Pel and I had both read it! So I was posting as Edward and she was posting as Jacob and we were "fighting" in PMs to each other about stuff that happened in Eclipse. Then we didn't delete the PMs!!! So later, when Be My Escape logged in as Jacob, she had EVERY CHANCE to read those PMs and be totally spoiled. But here is the kicker...


I figured it out after a while that anyone who logged in as those characters would be totally spoiled and I went in and deleted all the PMs about Eclispe. But Oh boy, did Pel and I get a big laugh on BME when we told her she could have known everything and missed her chance. And Pel and I were wiping our brows in relief that the secret was safe.
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Post by Talias_a_cullen »

i have to agree with this theme that seems to be going on BELLAS BIRTHDAY! that was my all time favorite moment on here! i stayed on for so long my eyes and my hands were npo longer working. i stayed to help "clean" lol when the bored went down or something happened and i couldn't get back on till later i almost started to cry. I was like GAH when "Edward" replied to one of my post! he actually agreed with me! oh! *faints* lol i totally did. i hope that happens again! OH! and remember when we started talking about how Edward and Bells did "other" things to have fun and Charlie came on and he was like WHAT! and Edward was talking about how at his house it was like It was EVERYONES birthday ALL the time because they were uhm...very busy...lol ;) and Emmet kept saying it was his birthday... ahahahaha goooooooooooood times no joke.
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Post by Eggo17 »

Mine definately would have to be bella's birthday. It was when i was proposed to by Erick Yorkie. AWESOME DAY!
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