Have You ever Been Stephenied?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
Isabella Cullen
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Dalia, that's amazing!!! :D :D Major cool points to you! ;)
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Post by Dalia »

Thank you Isabella Cullen! It certainly felt very special. I have this mail saved at 2 different places on my computer, I can't take chances with something that precious haha! I'm planning on giving her something else next time I see her on tour (crosses fingers for May!) but shhh! That's a secret :wink:

But I've never been Stephenied on the Lex, so you (and a whole lot of people too) also get some points =)
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Post by xoxgoodbye »

I've met Stephenie, but I haven't been Stephenied. I've met her at the Toronto signing, but everything was kind of rushed because the line was freaking long.

My friend was Stephenied. Stephenie said she liked my name's friend, lucky lucky.
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Post by simplymortal314 »

I think we all remember our first time being 'Stephenied'. It is something we never forget. One of my friends that was with me at the Woodbury, MN signing this past summer was just speechless when we were in front of Stephenie. I think she said something but, I was too bust laughing at my friend. My other friend that was with us just calmly greeted her.
It would be funny if Stephenie came on this forum and is thinking 'oh yeah I remember that time...' :lol:

I just realized her name is STEPHENIE Meyer. I always knew it was that but I know many girls with that name and none of them are smart. WHOOO, Stephenie Meyer broke my curse of knowing uninteligent girls named like her! kudos to her! I'll shut up now.
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Post by SleepingBeauty »

It's quite hard to get Stephenied in the middle of nowhere a.k.a Finland :lol:
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

I'm so jealous of all of you who have ever been Stephenied...I never have been, although I might go to one of her signings for Eclipse...I'm not sure yet...

But I freak out if any of the mods or admins are even on...I think I would spontaneously combust out of excitement if I ever met Stephenie.
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Post by coldandsparkly »

I've kind of been Stephenied! I went to the signing in Burlington at Barnes and Nobles in September with three friends. We are all obsessed with the books so going to the signing was SO EXCITING. Anyways, when she was signing my book I wanted to say something like "I love your books" or SOMETHING. But stupidly I forgot how to think/breathe, so I was just like "Thank you so much." hahah but she said something to me. I think it was like "You're welcome." Hahahhahahaha something like that. But still, she was right there signing my book! So that is good enough for me!!!!! :D
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Post by !macycullen. »

SleepingBeauty wrote:It's quite hard to get Stephenied in the middle of nowhere a.k.a Finland :lol:
Oh, I know what you mean! I also live quite a distance of any
large cities, but hopefully in May I'll get to go to a signing with my friend, even if we have to drive for hours!

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