Have You ever Been Stephenied?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by freakyvirgo913 »

Well, I've definately been Stepheniefied, although she wasn't anywhere around. I was at Borders, just miandering around when I passed the customer service desk. And on a poster thing it said "Pre-order Breaking Dawn". My mom was next to me and I went balistic. No lie, I was literally screaming (thank
God the store was practically empty). To shut me up they handed me a little bookmark thing with Stephenie's picture on it, and I couldn't even hold it without shaking I was so excited.

I don't know if that counts but...
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Post by epona »

I was definitly stephenied at the dublin signing, when she complimented me on my Muse Tshirt, and i began to blabber on and on and on about music, muse, matt belamy, concerts. Only stopping when i dropped eclipse on her foot when posing for the photo.

Still one best days of my life :D

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Post by rapid_reader »

No, I have not been Stephenied. I hope to someday though! =D
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Post by twilightgurl77 »

I've been really Stephenied twice so far. The first one was at the first signing I went to. There weren't that many people at the signing (It was before anyone really started reading Twilight I guess) and after everyone had gotten their books signed I guess my mom started up a conversation with Stephenie while I went to go get coffee. So imagine my shock when I finally find my mom talking with her!! And they were talking about the stories I've written. So I end up having this whole conversation about how I should keep writing and to not hide my work. I left the bookstore in complete shock and I don't think I talked the whole way home.

The second time was after the Eclipse Prom at the Jacob Black after party when I went to get a picture with her and Stephenie turns to me and says, "We match (we were wearing the same Jacob Black shirt) that is so cool!" All I could do was nod and go uh-huh!!
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Post by love2dream »

I read and devoured the books in October. Shortly after i joined the Lex in November, being a girly-girl, i found the Bella Wedding Dress thread. I noticed that Stephenie was looking for the picture of Bella's dress that she lost in the great computer crash. I set up a website that girls could email me with dresses that fit Stephenie's criteria (long sleeve, bias-cut, satin,...). A couple days later I recieved 3 emails from her of dresses that were close that she wanted to post on my site!!!!!! I was giddy all evening!! I died again when she emailed a couple of days later with more dresses!
For Carlisle's sake, I'm a mom with two kids and I was more excited than they get at Christmas!

(shameless plug to find Bella's Wedding dress--
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Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Well i have been Stephenied twice one direct and one not so direct lol. Well the direct one happened at Eclipse Prom First she steps out to read the first chapter of eclipse and i am saying in my mind OH MY GOD with tears in my eyes! I couldn't believe i was there and she was there we were in the same building. Later i am waiting in line to get my Twilight signed as i wait i am going over what i will say to her. So i get to her and hand her my book and when she looks up at me she smiles and says i love your dress and i smile and and like 'ahhh she loves my dress and then i am thinking talk stupid. Which i do really fast. Telling her how i love her books and thanking her so much for them. Big case of being starstrucked lol.

The indirect happen when she posted the letter on the lex in the "how has stephenie inspired you?" Ahhh i have saved that letter and everytime i read it i cry. She is so amazing to her fans.
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Post by Chadley »

It was insanely hilarious because the morning before Stephenie came to the Barnes & Nobles in Langhorne PA, I was at a Liberty Travel place helping my parents plan our trip to Hawaii for this June. Well, a guy at the front desk starts mumbling about a plane coming in the day after. So, I'm listening to the guy because he's acting like it's a big deal and then he says "Yea, it's some woman named Stephenie Meyer." I instantly squealed.

I'm not sure if he meant the actual Stephenie Meyer or just some other woman. But I hope it was her. :D

And then another time was the next night at the actual book singing. My friend and I told her we loved Carlisle so much and she said she had a special place for him in her heart, too.

We almost died.
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Post by happy_alice »

sadly, no.....but don't worry, i will be stephenied ONE day....maybe.
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Re: Have You ever Been Stephenied?

Post by Isabella Cullen »

PEL wrote:I created the first use of the word "Stephenied". It refers to the that moment when you quasi freeze your hands and the keyboard or turn into a babbling pool of jello at a signing and then freak out because the author has actually responded to/noticed you. Have you been Stephenied, and if so when?
Yes kind of...well, not really.

I'll NEVER forget, the first time I joined last Feb I got into a bit of a heated discussion with Firefly in the thread about Bella forgiving Alice or something for not coming back and supporting her sooner in New Moon.
Both of us had very different opinions, and Stephenie came on and posted what she thought of the whole thing.
It was completely EPIC! :D :D

Then, I posted over a year ago in a thread going about Bella's scar on her hand from where James bit her.
It was RIGHT before Eclipse Prom and I was preparing for everything, so I was genuinely curious to know WHERE exactly on Bella's hand James had bit her, and WHICH hand specifically.
Stephenie not only graced us with her majestic presence, but she also posted a picture with a drawn red line down the side of a picture of a hand, showing where the scar was.
Bella's RIGHT hand, along the side of the palm near the pinky.
That I'll never forget either. :D
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Post by Dalia »

Back in November, during the Toronto signing, I gave Stephenie a Swarovski apple barrette. She thanked me for that, but she obviously didn't open it right now, there were about 2000 people behind me.

So imagine the shock I had when I received a mail from Elizabeth, Stephenie's publicist, telling me she had just gotten off the phone with Steph and that she (Stephenie) wanted to make sure I knew how much she loved the barrette and how she was glad she'd found the person who gave it to her (anxious as I was, I had forgotten to put a card with my name along with the gift, haha).

I squeed and jump around like the craziest fangirl ever. Because Stephenie Meyer knew who I was :D

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