Have You ever Been Stephenied?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Have You ever Been Stephenied?

Post by PEL »

I created the first use of the word "Stephenied". It refers to the that moment when you quasi freeze your hands and the keyboard or turn into a babbling pool of jello at a signing and then freak out because the author has actually responded to/noticed you. Have you been Stephenied, and if so when?
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Post by fantasma »

I haven't been officially "Stephenied" but she did post a few down from me once when I first started here and I was pretty much like this :shock: SHE COMES ON THESE BOARDS!?

So, I've never met her, but I thought that was pretty funny because I started freaking out for a solid two minutes that one of my favorite writers is so active with her fans.
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Post by topaz addiction* »

I've been "Stephenied". Toronto signing, November 2, 2007. I went up to get my book signed and she said, "Cool shirt!" and I completely froze. I probably looked like a total lune. I just stared and nodded my head and managed to get out, "Uh huh!" in this really high-pitched raspy/sqeaky voice that was horrible. And then like ten minutes later I looked back on it and thought, Oh God! She talked at me! I didn't even care about how ridiculous I sounded until the next day!
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Post by Marianne cullen »

Yes I've been Stephenied when I met her at the Alpharetta Ga book signing last fall we were one of the forst people in line which was nice because she wasn't tired yet and she asked me what my shirt said and if I made it. I was like ummmm ohh ya I made it than she read it and laughed and said that she really liked and said it was nice to see that someone was thinking about how I could get edward. lol

PS. my shirt was had the same words as my banner below but in red glittery letters.
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Post by sporty502 »

yes i showed up very late for the sunset hills signing
but i managed to get a good spot right behind all the people sitting down and right in front of her and she answered my question at the q & a (well not really answereed it cause it was a bout breaking dawn) BUT i'm not even sure she understood me because im hard enough to understand anyway but when i get nervous my words run together

and then when i got my book(s) (6!) signed i asked her why edward didnt like strawberry blondes (me!) and she laughed but she mighta thought i was serious so she said that edward was just making bella feel better and that she loved strawberry blondes
and i recently went to scotsdale and was on the lookout for her but i didnt see her... but thats kind of stalkerish
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Post by Awakening »

i have never been stephenied :( I tried tho..i use to log on to the chats every day and stuff hoping just hoping..haha im such a dork!

but ya, maybe one day!
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Post by Alphie »

It's been a while since Stephenie has been able to fully knock me off my socks in awe of her very presence. I hope that doesn't sound big of me or anything, but I have spoken to her a few times. That being said, she got me good with an e-mail the other day. I can't say much about it right now, but I hope to be able to spill the beans soon. We will have to see. Still, I do admit to being fully Stephenied about a week ago.

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Post by IHeartEC »

Hi - I was Stephenied last August at her LA book signing. I went with my 2 sister-in-laws and we were the first ones there. Keep in mind I am 28, with kids, etc. I thought we would show up and find a ton of fans sleeping outside the book store. We had awesome seats for the Q&A and I was so excited when she called on me and appreciated my question. Then we got in line to get our books signed and I was so excited. Of course I had to tell her that I share my birthday with Bella! Also, that my first car was a 1986 Diesel VW Rabbit, just like Jacob's. She was soooo nice and told me that the reason she used that car for Jake is because her husband Pancho had that same car. We were toward the end of the line so I know she must have been tired. She had 2 book signings that day. She was still her normal cool, funny self. I really admire her!
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Post by simplymortal314 »

I have. At the Woddbury, MN signing this past summer.
I was re reading Eclipse at the time and had a 'Team Edward' bookmark marking my place. And remember our conversation almost exactly.
Stephenie: Oh team edward huh?
Me: *dazed a bit because she spoke to me* huh, yeah I'm on team Edward. But, nothing against Jacob. I like him.
Stephenie: Good, as long as you don't have anything against Jacob.

I feel like such a dork remembering her exact words (almost.) :oops: But, she is amazing! :D
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Post by CcRoAnZfYuNsed »

I was stephenied right after New Moon came out :D

I was like why wouldnt Bella jump at the chance to marry Edward and she responded like I would be on Edward like white on rice

I was amazed 8)

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