Non-bookbased scenes

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Non-bookbased scenes

Post by PEL »

Edi Gathegi mentions a couple of scenes from the movie that are not in the book. Does anyone have something they might look forward to? Now granted, the scenes may end up on the cutting room floor, but what do you want?

Given that the book is entirely from Bella's perspective, this could be an awesome change to get other character's points of view.
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Post by unquenchable_thirst34 »

At first when I read the interview with Kristin Stewart and she mentioned something about running amongst the treetops, I was so disappointed. The way I saw it was that these books are so awesome that nothing needs to be changed. It's true, but it would be good to get another character's point of view as PEL stated. And besides, if the whole thing were told just from Bella's perspective, while she was having dreams and everything, we wouldn't see what was happening. We'd just be watching Kristin sleeping. Now, if we had Edward in the room watching her sleep, it adds another element to the story, because although it was implied in the book, Bella could never see him while she was sleeping. So, overall, as long as they stick to the basis of the story and don't deviate too much, the changes will be welcome. And besides, while we read, we see the book playing out in our heads (well, I do) so if the film were based entirely on the book, it would be nothing new at all and, ultimately, pretty tedious. We'd all still watch it and love it but still, tedious.

Yay, I'm the first to comment. That's never happened before. :D
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Post by The Weasel »

I'd like to see scenes of what's going on while Bella is laid up in the hospital bed towards the end of the book. I'd like to see the explanation the Cullens give and the reaction to Charlie and the hospital and whatnot. Not to mention how they got her there and stuff. Didn't Edward just tell Bella that they said she fell down stairs and out a window or something? I'd be asking them where the window was and why they just so happened to be in the area when it happened. For some reason that's just one scene that's never sat well with me in the books so I'd be interested in how they change it in the movie or if they will just add a whole new scene with the Cullens explaining things to the police and doctors, etc.
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Post by Emily_Jane_Cullen »

I'd really love to see what happens with James after Bella blacks out, maybe not to see James getting ripped to shreds (if they showed that the chances are people would rip off the special effects) but maybe a pillar of fire/smoke or something, with Emett and Jasper standing around it??
And Edward in Alaska, totally stressing out. Because a stressing Edward is a sexy Edward.
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Post by Doran »

I agree with unquenchable_thirst, I'd like to see Edward in her room as she sleeps or perhaps in the tree as she reads in the backyard. It would be nice to at least "see" things a wee bit from his perspective. I think it would be nice to see a bit of back story on James, Victoria and Laurent too.

As for the treetop scene, it has piqued my interest.
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Post by Mandie »

I hope that they weave James, Laurent, and Victoria into Acts 1 and 2.

I felt when I read Twilight that their introduction and ensuing conflict came out of nowhere, and I think the story as a whole would benefit from having the those vampires introduced earlier and the threat of their approach at the baseball game be looming. I realize the book only included Bella's POV and she was kept out of much Cullen-privy information, but since a movie can span multiple POVs, I think some scenes that focus on James, Laurent, and Victoria before their arrival in Act3 would really help to tell a more rounded story.

Now, I'm not knocking Twilight, I of course loved it, but as a writer (of both YA novels and scripts), this is something I think the story lacks, and it does work in the book because of Bella's limited POV. But in a movie, it won't work.

And personally, regarding the tree top scene, I think that sounds fantastic and will be a great addition to the film. It's a more visual way of showing Edward's unique abilities.

Someone here also mentioned the scene where Bella blacks out. This was the other thing that bothered me in the book, because I felt jipped out of something important, like I was missing out and that led to confusion about what went down, and then I had to wait until Edward told Bella what happened. Telling instead of Showing. I am really looking forward to the Showing instead of Telling of this in the movie.

Since I write for both TV and books, I know there are different ways to show elements, that TV doesn't have inner monologue, and so script writers need to come up with a visual way of showing something they can otherwise reveal through character thoughts. I'm interested in seeing how Bella's thoughts translate to the screen. I know people seem really reluctant for change and hope nothing is changed, I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing what they kept and what got cut and what they added to fit the medium.
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Post by Unchallenged »

i would love to see edward outside bellas window, hesitating at first then climbing through


scenes where bella is having a 'human minute' we could see what edward is up to whilst waiting in her room.
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Post by Spiro »

Unchallenged wrote:i would love to see edward outside bellas window, hesitating at first then climbing through


scenes where bella is having a 'human minute' we could see what edward is up to whilst waiting in her room.

The "human minute" I agree on. It would be interesting to see what Edward does while she's getting ready. It would also be nice to "show" some of his mind reading scenes or Alice's visions. Jump from the thought process to a scene that is going through their head.
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Post by Unchallenged »

i agree, the visions are definitely something they can film
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Post by leaf »

I'd also like to know how they are going to convey Edward's mind-reading abilities. Will they include flashes from Edward's mind, for example, in the Port Angeles scene where he is searching for Bella?

Also, as other mentioned above, I would like to see Alice's visions, and definately some HUNTING! Although Edward and the other Cullens are refined and eloquent, they have a wild, predator side, and I really would enjoy having that part of their personality unfold before me.

Unfortunately, I can't really see RPattison wrestling a mountain lion...
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