True Things Take 4

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True Things Take 4

Post by Cocoa »

As you were...

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Post by Sprtygal »

Truth: I think I joined the truth thread during it's # 2 appearance.
Truth: Where is LisaPisa. She'd be so proud we've started #4 today.
Truth: I'm excited I can finally click on the page and see the posts now with this new thread
Truth: I realized today that my milk has 9g of protein.
Truth: I prefer green apples because I like the crispness.
Truth: I'm also a fan of the tartness.
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Post by zerolover34 »

truth:Yea i can finially post on this tread agian
truth:snow day
truth:we have had like 7 snow days this year
truth:i reallly should do my hamlet questions that were due 2 days ago
truth:i have a cold
truth:my show is in like 2 weeks
truth:i'm excitied
truth:we still haven't found a JV solfball coach
truth: :(

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Post by nissanmama »

Truth: Yeah for clicking...on the post and being able to view it!
Truth: Sprtygrl would like Cortland and HoneyCrisp apples.
Truth: We had apple trees in our yard growing up.
Truth: My little brother and I once made apple soup from green apples and water in a bucket in the backyard.
Truth: Wet apples...mmmm
Truth: LisaPisa is lost delivering Pizzas...or Italy.
Truth: Mealy apples are gross.
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Post by MyLifeAddictionEdward »

Truth: Im at school right now.
Truth:IM SO HAPPY!!!The lex is on again!
Truth:My mom started reading Twilight yesterday.
Truth:I think my room is haunted.
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Post by a_n_n_a »

Truth: This apple talk is pretty appealing.
Truth: Granny Smith apples = the life. Tart, crisp, and delicious. But I can't deny a good Honeycrisp.
Truth: Should now four threads seem a bit much? I think not.
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Post by Twilight<3 »

Truth: Personally, I prefer macontash or golden apples. Yum!
Truth: I'm nearly to 1100 posts if this isn't it!
Truth: I'm pretty excited.
Truth: Thank you for the new thread! I can finally see what other people are posting...
Truth: ...about apples?
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

Truth: I am checking this from school on my cellular device
Truth: I am glad we have a new thread
Truth: I hate standardized tests in Washington
Truth: I really want an apple right now
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Truth: This is the first time I've ever posted on this thread.
Truth: Personally, I prefer green apples.
Truth: I shouldn't really be on here, because I have a lot of Homework to do.
Truth: I'm really hungry, and an apple sounds particularly appealing.
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Post by virginiax7 »

Truth: I WANT AN APPLE! Thanks you guys.
Truth: I'm soooo happy because Apocalyptica is coming to Atlanta in May!!! Yay!
Truth: First night all year I haven't had any
Truth: Go thread number 4 :)
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