Rachelle Lefevre to Play Victoria

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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I really liked this manip someone did of her. It gives me hope.

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This book is seriously coming alive before my eyes! 8)

They've got this casting process spot on, her hair is perfect. And she's older, around the same age I imagined Victoria/James/Laurent to be.
thanks to coccy @ LJ.
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Oh! I just remembered her on Veronica Mars! She was really pretty - much more pretty than a lot of the pictures of her.
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Lamb in love with a Lion wrote:I really liked this manip someone did of her. It gives me hope.

Ooooooohhhh!! I like!! This makes me even more excited!
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i think she is going to be awesome and she is a natural read head major kudos

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shes who i thought of when i think of victoria...she'll do good :D
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i think she's perfect!!! Although i'd like her hair to be a darker shade. But her looks are great! :D
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Post by sierra_blue »

Aside from Kristen Stewart I feel this is the closest casting has gotten to getting it right. I never even thought of her but am very excited that she got the role. I wonder if they'll play up her beauty and give her straight hair or give her the curls that might give off a more wild look. I just hope now that when they cast Laurent they cast him just a little older than James and Victoria (thats just how I picture him).
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I knew she was perfect for Victoria the moment i saw her pic and saw that red hair haha it kind of scared me how well i see her as Victoria :)
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I'm super glad she has Victoria's natural hair color! I think she's a good actor from what I've seen her in. I think she's going to be awesome! :D
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