DND - Robert Pattinson as Edward

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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DND - Robert Pattinson as Edward

Post by Cocoa »

Summit Entertainment announced that Robert Pattinson, an actor from the UK, has been cast as Edward Cullen. So, after Alphie and I picked ourselves up off the floor in stunned amazement we got together some facts about Robert. Mind you, some of these facts we already knew because we are Harry Potter fans.

Robert's best known as Cedric Diggory from the Goblet of Fire which I'm sure almost everyone has seen.

Other key performances to see him in that are available to American audiences:

Vanity Fair, in a small but good part, catch it on DVD in the deleted scenes.

Robert has done several other projects, but they are not currently available on DVD that are compatible in USA players.

Please bear in mind that no one will ever live up to your vision of Edward. As Stephenie has said:
No human actor is pretty enough to really pull off a vampire. What we are hoping for here is that magical element of screen charisma that makes all the difference in the world. Example: Pirates of the Carribean. Were you drooling over pretty Orlando? I wasn't. I was taken with the drunk pirate in the eyeliner. Some actors can own any scene they're in. Let's not focus so much on the perfect face (which no one is going to be happy with regardless); let's hope for an inebriated pirate. I.e. someone who can own a scene like Johnny or Joaquin or Jonathan Rhys, someone who will make us forget he's not quite pretty enough to be a vampire.

Here's my wish: that, after we find out who is going to play Edward, my comments page is not awash with "I can't believe they picked HIM!"-s and "John Doe is the real Edward and no one else can do it!"-s and "I hate him! I want him to die!"-s. Can we give him a chance to become Edward? Can we let him try to convince us? I'm keeping my mind open.
With that in mind, vulgarity and hate mongering is not permitted on the Lexicon (see movie manifesto), posting in this manner will get you booted off the site. Post constructively, if you have concerns state them respectfully. Do NOT PM Alphie, Pel, or any other Administrator or Moderator to complain about the casting of the movie...we are not associated with Summit Films. We have no control over who is cast.

In other words PLAY NICE.
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Post by fig »

First to post! Yay!

Don't know how I feel about him... he's a good actor, and he's certainly good-looking, but Edward? Not really. But I think he'll do a good job.
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Post by linda »

I'm super excited. :D I love Rob. He's an amazing actor and really nice and down-to-earth. Also the fact that he's gorgeous doesn't hurt either. :lol: And I can just see him and Kristen working. I believe they have lots of chemistry.

I'm really pleased with the casting decisions. While they may not look 200% of how I imagined them, I know that they're going to work.
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Post by echo1 »

Really? I'm the first person on here? How long was the Lex down?
I am thrilled with the casting. My main concern was that they would cast someone that could not pull off smoldering, dangerous, sad, sexy all in the same second....that has more to do with acting than looks, I think. Anyway, from what I've seen of Pattinson, he can do that. And yummy jawline.
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Post by fig »

echo1 wrote:And yummy jawline.
Agreed. That part of him does look like Edward, to me anyway.
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Post by Clairbear »

I'm so excited!!!
I think Robert was great in HP, i cried when he died...my friend and i set made a little team to bring him back to life, and replace Harry Potter with him...Cedric Diggory and the half crazed fan girls!

I cant wait to see all the graphics people make with Kristen and him in either - ive already seen one (the person who requested this topic!)- quick work lol.
its just unfortunate that i dont think many of the photoshoot pics of rob are that good or edward like - im going to have to use screen shots from harry potter, which is annoying!!!

anyways, im happy with Rob! He wasnt my first choice, but ive never hated him.
plus, im kind of flattered they chose an english bloke (and for a good guy, not a baddie, for once!!!!)
now i vote for richard armitidge (or is it armatidge) AKA guy of gisborne for laurent...i dont know why but i do :P
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Post by CSJ »

Thank you for starting the thread!

Here's what I said in another thread about Robbie Pattinson as Edward:
CSJ wrote:I'm actually very pleased with the casting choice!

I never once considered him for the part of Edward because I didn't think he was in the running at all.

Also I've heard that his asking price is quite high (because of his stint in the HP movies)

But Now I can totally imagine him for the part of Edward!
I'm very pleased, very pleased indeed!

I'm glad that it was him that got the part because he can actually act! the other choices that people were mentioning were pretty disappointing to me because they might look the part of Edward but they can't act!

so YAY! I'm soooo happy!

It's finally coming true!

And also I want new FANARTS and Icons and Banners! With Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robie Pattinson as Edward!.

I can't wait for them to cast Jacob as well. I want Trio Fanarts of the three actors playing them in it..
CSJ wrote:
katycal wrote:AAHH! I love that this is really moving forward!!
Just like many of you, I was shocked - almost in a bad way - at the news, but the more I see him and see your wonderful banners....I'M SOLD!!!

I'm so excited now for the movie!! I'm normally not the type to have to see a movie on opening night. I'm like "Hey, it'll be the same movie next week, but with less people." But..when Twilight comes out...I have to be there the first night!

These two actors may not have been my first choices, but they look good together and seem to embody the personality of the characters well, and that's just judging past pictures. With Hollywood's magic, I think it will be great. AAHH - is anyone as excited as I am??!!
I'm very excited!

I can't wait until they film this!
Hopefully, when they start filming it, we will get some sneak peaks like screen test pics of the cast!

It's very exciting!
I really think that they are building the movie into a mega franchise! (w/c I'm happy about because that means more movies and books)
vampire doll wrote:i love robert for edward i think he'll do great. He's beautiful and dangerous looking lol and a good actor!.

i can sleep now knowing colton haynes, and zac efron weren't casted.
I agree with you.

I didn't want the people that you mentioned to be Edward.

But now I'm sooooooooo relieved!

The only other one I'm really worried about is the casting of Jacob, but since they've cast Kristen and Robert, I'm quite confident that they will pick an actor equally fitting for the role.
CSJ wrote:
Mallie wrote:I agree! I really like him! CSJ - I never considered him either, while I would watch HPGoF and think "heyyy Cedric's Hot" I never connected him to Edward, even though he has that tasty strong jaw I always pictured Edward having.

I really really like him! I'm really happy with this! His hair is long enough that it can be changed to suit Edward, he's gorgeous, he isn't my perfect edward but he's so much closer than anyone I've seen!

I'm so happy :D now I just want to know about Alice, Jake, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, Carlisle, Charlie and Esme :P
Also someone made this Manip or Robert and Kristen as Edward and Bella that I am totally in love with!

http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/1606 ... llavn4.jpg
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Post by bellabells123 »

I think it can work the Jawline is like edward and he is good looking and from what stepehenies has said she likes him and thinks he will do an amazing job. Plus Kristen and Rob look good together
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Post by linda »

:lol: Gotta love that jawline.
I have been a Rob fan a while now. =]
I don't know, he has that whole "eye, sexy thing"
Anybody know what I'm talking about?
And he's really funny too. If you've seen the HP & GOF DVD Extra features/Deleted Scenes you know what I'm talking about it. When the camera follows him around the set.

yay! I'm just so excited for the movie.

k, I should really get ready for school. Snow makes you wake up like a million hours early. :roll:
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Post by xbrighteyed221x »

Wait.. is he going to have a really thick british accent? No offence but didnt Edward grew up in chicago. Lol besides that though i think hes pretty decent (obviously no one can be edward really)

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