True Things Take #3

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True Things Take #3

Post by Seraphyn »

Have at it! :)
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Post by kdenae »

Thanks Seraphyn!!

Truth: 3rd Truth's thread!! Yippee!
Truth: And I got the first one! BOO-YA
Truth: It's kind of sad how much I love this place
Truth: It's got that new thread smell
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

Truth: Yay new truth thread for the masses
Truth: I had to translate alot of paragraphs in spanish today
Truth: It was fun but instead of saying 'and' i keeps saying 'y' and it confuses my parents
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Post by vamplover166 »

Truth: I love snow!
Truth: Snowball fights hurt if your not wearing gloves.
Truth: I want to be curled up by a fire.
Truth: I will be once I finally get off the lex.
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Post by Sprtygal »

Truth: I just got back from the gym.
Truth: I did a new leg routine today.
Truth: I hate my personal trainer.
Truth: Because he made my legs hurt.
Truth: But really I suppose thats a good thing.
Truth: Ouch!!! It hurts to even walk now.
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Post by McKay »

Truth: I just had a horrible basketball game!
Truth: We won but I sucked. :(
Truth: I was completely unfocused.
Truth: And to top it all off the girls were REALLY bad loosers.
Truth: They rolled their eyes at us told us we sucked and licked their hands before high fiving! :evil:
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Post by twilights_charm »

Truth: NEW THREAD! =]]
Truth: my team lost in soccer =[[
Truth: I noticed I have Edward, Emmett, and Esme's initials!! =]
Truth: School is over next week! YES!
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Post by 911_Turbo »

Truth: I have to make a bristol board for physics.
Truth: It's about something we learned ages ago.
Truth: It's completely pointless.
Truth: I don't even have a glue stick to glue on the pictures.
Truth: I have to use tape :evil: .
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

Truth: I have to make a 3-d model of a cell for tomorrow
Truth: My fingers are all gluey so i have a tissue on the keyboard and am typing into that
Truth: My cat died today
Truth: I had for 9 years
Truth: But she was so sick so my mum and I took her down to the office today :(
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Post by Pixelated_Ghostie »

Truth: I have a French quiz tomorrow I need to study for.
Truth: I'm too busy lurking on Lex threads, writing, and talking to my cousin to do it.
Truth: I also need to do my other homework.
Truth: I am still having coughing fits.
Truth: I shouldn't be having them.
Truth: My school is far too small for it's own good.
Truth: We've talked about one thing that happened at school for two days straight.
Truth: It's not something that deserves so much attention.
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