Writers, the second draft

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Writers, the second draft

Post by Seraphyn »

I shall let the words of eddyismymonster explain our purpose in life:
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Writer's Block?
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Plot problems?
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So grab a seat, a pen/laptop, and join the discussion!

Ladies, have at it!
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Post by eddyismymonster »

First post, gosh this is special. So for a new thread we need a new topic to have with our hot chocolate.
Here is a question: What do you value most in a bok?
How obcessed are you with editing?
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Post by Seraphyn »

What do I value in a book? Talk about vague... ;)

Well, the things that keep me interested while reading are emotional intensity, realistic characters (and at least ONE I like), and good detail. I also like stories with original twists like Gregory Maguire did with Wicked (old story, new clothes).

Editing... is a topic I could go on about forever, so I'll just leave it short and sweet. I am utterly obsessed with editing. I have been working on Fallen nonstop since I finished it in August.
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Post by epona »

Well its odd, i'm not really sure, but i know when i see it. i guess the story sucks you in and takes you into the characters world, i do know i like a strong female character as a protagonist usually and the writing of course has to be really good. i think i am more involved in character books than those with a plot. granted i know you need both - but i think characters and their dynamnic relationships and development are key!

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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Ooooh...I have never been to this thread before, and I like to write, a lot!

In a book I value a good plot with action/romance(I am a cheezy romance lover) and something that is well written(meaning good vocabulary, not really short, undescriptive sentences like "She was sad.")

Editing, to me, is very important, because it bothers me insanely if something has really bad grammatical errors, so I try not to annoy people and distract from content of the story.
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Post by BellaLunasLillies »

Well i hate to edit... enough said.

Edit: i am picky about grammar (if i notice mistakes) but spellng is not my top priority (as you can see)

I value good characters. The plot can be iffy, the setting can be terrible,but if the characters are good and they develop or we learn more about them, i will read it.

By the way, i would love some f eedba ck (the filter would not let me write it! ) on some of my poems, if you would like to step up i would love you forever. I can pm them to you.
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Post by eddyismymonster »

The reason i asked the question is just to give of us some idea what people like, also imspired a bit by Sera's blog "Learning to Read like a Writer"
I like books that are slightly abstract in structure and prespective, and that when you start reading it sort of dazes you into another world. I also don't like it when authors use big words in one part, then normal language in another. Consistency.
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Post by J.B »

Yay for new thread! (all bets on how long this one will last are now final, lol :wink:)
I like complexity of characters in a book.
I like someone that is intriguing; someone that I might not fully understand at first. I'm very curious when trying to understand what makes the characters the way they are, which is why in the story I'm writing now, it's more like the second part of theirs lives. I didn't want to start off in the beginning because, well, everyone does that. I wanted to start where people would be wondering what happened to make them the way they are, and little by little throughout my book you learn more about their past, and why it slowly killing their future.
Curiousity can be a big motivator when reading.

As far as editing, well, it's not my favourite part of the writing process, but I don't mind it. It gives me the ability to go back and scrutinize what I've done and search for what I've missed, as well as make it better.
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Post by Mallie »

Wow, I had no idea you guys ran up the posts so quickly! I guess I should have known since this IS the writers thread :P

Okay, before I go back to my 'writers related topics' I just want to say one short thing about the Book Thief. I got my copy signed a week ago by the author. He is perhaps the single most awesome person I have met in a v. v. long time, he was sweet and funny and when he talked about writing I totally connected. When he spoke about how unpredictable it is and how you want to find out if a storyline isn't working 25 pages in, not 200 pages in (apparently in the first draft of the Book Thief, he wrote 200 pages and then realised it didn't work, at all, so he started fiddling with the narrator). So yes, *squeeee* I have a signed book, sitting right next to me in fact. :P

Okay, point number 2 that I didn't get to make on the old thread - Aussie's write as the Brit's do - Colour, Favourite, realise (without the z! In fact, all of those 'ise' words without the z!) etc etc. THings like that, and 'Mom" always shock me when I'm reading a book because they go against my teaching.

J.B. - I'm totally with you on the intriguing characters. They have to be someone I can't immediately pin down as a cliche or stereotype, someone who will go against all my expectations, or follow my expectations in a completely unexpected way.
I find curiosity is the best motivator when reading, why else finish the book? I was reading .. oh, some book about Casanova the other day (I've been into historical fiction lately) and the premise was good, but I couldn't connect to the characters because I already knew exactly what would happen, what they would do, and the plot wasn't moving quickly enough. *sighs* I don't often get bored like that in a book.

*laughs* I hate to edit too, actually. Or, I used to. I swear I had an anathema to editing up until a few months ago (when my major work, an 8000 word short story about aaaanything - sometimes you don't realise how hard it is when you don't have inspiration but you're expected to write - and the first draft was aaaabsolutely awful). But now, I'm pretty vigilante about it, if I really care about what's going on in that chapter/story.

So now, love the editing, because I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to spelling/grammatical errors (I was the kid who, when she read a book, used to fix up any mistakes she saw)

Epona - I love strong female characters too, its why I love the books by Tamora Pierce, why I love the Book Thief. And I agree, they have to suck you in, you have to be engrossed by the storyline (which is, I honestly hate to say it because I had such high hopes for the book, I'm still reading Wicked.. just plot alone, I'm afraid.. I love his new take on an old classic but... I don't feel enough for the characters, they're too detached)
but i think characters and their dynamnic relationships and development are key! - agreed. totally agreed. I sometimes even feel like you can't advance plot without there being a shift in the character...

In a book, I value originality, an emotional connection to the characters, definitely a deep understanding of the characters (Who, as Seraphyn said, have to be realistic/believable). Depending on the book being twisted, I also like ones that retell an old story with new ideas (I.e. Wicked, "The Looking Glass Wars"). But mostly they have to be able to suck me in, and I think that is a result of many different elements of the book, all woven together properly - interesting plot, characters etc.

Ack, I rambled again, sorry!
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Post by Apolla Savre »

I value everything in a book from characters to plot. If I can't stand the characters, I don't care how good the plot is, I can't read it. If the characters are good but the plot is bad it just irritates me.
I'm obsessed with editing, I always have others read it if I'm really serious about it. I've read so many printed books with typos in it (CHERUB series is notorious! They spell really obvious things wrong! Like Avril Lavigne they changed to Avil. Or I've found them in Harry Potter and it's like nails on a chalkboard. I corrected my friend's old math paper because she spelled a word wrong.)
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