Kristen Stewart as Bella

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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i adore kristen. ive loved her every minute since i saw speak on dvd in 2004. she is an excellent choice because speak was based of a book as well, and she positively brought the character to life. there is no doubt in my mind (or from what ive seen in the teaser trailer which i watched about 7 times!) that she will excel in playing the role of bella. she is a timeless beauty, but not the traditional blonde-haired-blue-eyed-starlet. she has fabulous green eyes, and even though she wears brown contacts, they still bring so much to the character!
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Great Pics!

I actually hadn't seen those before so thanks.

God, Kristen is just gorgeous! And that hair! Seriously I wish mine looked like that!

Thanks to mz.cullenn for my awesome banner!

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thanks for linking sonal, I hadn't seen them before!
where do you find all this stuff?!
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i told you the lion and the lamb livejournal community!
its just as good as the lexicon!
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Post by leela0687 »

I love Kristin as Bella, just her whole look in my head is bella. I also loved her in the land of women. she's such a great actress that she will be able to pull this part off with no problem.

I'm glad she was chosen for the part.
My votes for Jacob :-)

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Post by haaleey »

<center> I think these pictures of Kristen are really pretty
<center> I really like her hair,
<center> I think generally Kristen is pretty but I really don't like her nose
<center> It's upturned it makes her look like a really big snob
<center> (When she's not smiling)

<center> Okay so at first I was very skeptical of Kristen Stewart as Bella
<center> I thought she could only pull of one certain role
<center> That tomboy monotone voice thing,
<center> However she's growing on me..
<center> Especially since I watched her in the role of Speak
<center> Which really showed of her acting skills
<center> And she proved that she can play more than one role
<center> So I've moved from absolutely loathing her, to being hopeful.
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Post by libby123 »

She looks like Bella, and she was great in In the Land of Women!
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Post by Forever_Edward_Cullen »

I don't know if it is her personality sometimes, but I feel like she isn't as enthusiastic as some of the other cast members. It turns me off to her sometimes. This isn't to say that I dislike her as Bella because when I see her and Rob together on screen or in interviews, they definitely have chemistry which is a MUST with Bella and Edward. I think the only time I see enthusiasm is when Rob is around. lol Maybe he brings the best out of her on set? I don't know a lot about Kristen and have only seen her in the Panic Room and Twilight interviews. I may just need to get to know her better through her other roles because I've read she doesn't tend to pick mainstream film. Which, again, was odd to me because Twilight is so huge but then again she said she didn't know that. Eh. lol You can see my inner conflict with her on here can't you? :) I hope this made sense.
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i think Kristin is going to be pretty freaking good as Bella. as good as you can get without getting the actual Bella, anyway :)

i've liked all her other movies......
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