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Posting regulations

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To keep our Lexicon family as happy as Carlisle keeps his family a few reminders:

1) No netspeak. If you are mature enough to read Twilight and appreciate intelligent characters like Bella and Edward, than you are capable of more than: "OMG! idknw lk 4 ReaL I"M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HaPpY 4 UaLl. ru feELiNg lk me?"

Rather than make ourselves crazy having to edit or send a PM every time there is a netspeak laden post, the filter is going to handle it. It will replace your netspeak with a really embarrassing statement. So, if you want people to actually know what you want to say you'll have to go back, take your time, and edit your post into normal English. We are not completely heartless. We'll let ROFL, LOL and OMG stay since those are pretty common exclamatory expressions that don't throw off the flow of a sentence.

2) Post spamming.
If you want to build up your posts, welcome our new members. If you just want to off topic chat with a member you?ve gotten to know send them a PM, email, take it to your blog. Too many off topic posts clog our server, zap our bandwith, and potentially shut us down until we pay more money. Ads are annoying. We?d really like to stay ad free, so help us out here.

Kudos to the folks on this thread for some of the best discussion going In fact, there may be some special titles given out to these folks and others who make insightful comments. We love it when people have something to say that is more than "I agree" of "yes". One or two word posts unless someone is asking for a pole opinion don't really add to anything.

4) Spoilers. Reminder that we are a spoiler free site. Unless Stephenie has publicly said something for all her fans to see, you won't see it listed here.

5) Don't feed the trolls. We've recently have a rash of spammers posting about everything from weight loss to plastic surgery to porn. Don't click in those links because nine times out of ten you'll be hit by a virus. Let a mod know. PM me or Alphie right away. You can also get me on Yahoo messenger pelirroja_ljc. The quicker we know we have a spammer the quicker we can ban them. Most of the spam is coming in from the Netherlands and Russia so I've banned a bunch of IP addresses from there. On the off chance that I have also zapped a regular member and someone is in contact with them, let me know. I'm not trying to ban the good guys!

6) Avatars, banners, and sig size.
] We have rules concerning avatar and signature sizes.

Avatars must be 200x200 or smaller.

Signatures must be 250px TALL at the most. (Banners, words, whatever the total sig. you can't have six banners each 250 high!)

For you non-tech people that's 2 inches by 2 inches or 2.5 inches high. Hold a ruler up to the screen if you have to.

If you have anything more than this, a mod at the lexicon may choose to send you a PM. If you receive a PM and do not change it in a week, an admin will be forced to remove your avatar or sig and replace it with an ugly banner.

7. Excessive quoting.
Your response on thread does not need, unless you are referencing someone's previous material, to quote the people before you. This is espcially true if the post contains a graphic. Please don't quote graphics, it kills our bandwith.

8. Posting of pictures. We would really appreciate it if you could post links to pictures rather than the pictures themselves in threads. It zaps our bandwith like you wouldn't believe.

And last, but not least, read the Manifesto!

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