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Edward Cullen

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Post by Cocoa »

Lets see if we can get you started off with a question:

What effects you do think the loss of his parents at such an early age had on Edward's behavior toward Bella?
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Post by Visitor »

Hmmm . . . I never actually questioned what Edward's relationship with his parents was like. I can only assume through the little we know, that he was at the very least well-loved (For reference, see Edward's mom's death bed plea to Carlisle, TW). And in my experience, a child who grows up surrounded in a positive love filled environment, usually tries to mimic that same environment later on as adults. Of course . . . all of that could kind of go out of the window once you technically die at the age of 17 and then spend the next few decades of your undead life depressed and bereft of the human love you once flourished in.

And besides, after years of being an 'all-knowing' vampire burdened with the insincerity of human thoughts and emotions, I'd have to wonder if Edward could still put much stock into the emotional connection he once had with his parents. I think with Bella, Edward has to essentially learn to love all over again. I believe that as he goes through the whole being in love process, he slowly begins to thaw (Because he's cold! Get it? :D ) to the realities of what love entails. Who knows, maybe the memories of his parents are closer to the surface than even he realizes.

Now I do believe that being raised in the early 1900's effects the way Edward treats Bella. It would appear that his father the, lawyer 8) , was probably the bread winner while Edward's mom took care of the responsibilities of the home. Lets face it, back then, men had a higher degree of responsibility for their wives and kids. So Edward probably sees himself in the same light as his father when it comes to Bella. I'm not saying that he believes that Bella should stay at home and make stew all day, but Edward definitely has that 'must take care of' -Chip that seemed imbedded in men during that time period.

Good question Cocoa!
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Post by LisaCullenAZ »

Lets face it, back then, men had a higher degree of responsibility for their wives and kids. So Edward probably sees himself in the same light as his father when it comes to Bella. I'm not saying that he believes that Bella should stay at home and make stew all day, but Edward definitely has that 'must take care of' -Chip that seemed imbedded in men during that time period.
You know, instead of calling it "responsibility" I think most people would say men had a a higher degree of male chauvenism back then. So it's interesting (and insightful) to me that you say this.

I think it's a very important point you make. Edward isn't trying to supress her, he just tries to take care of her. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't unlike the situations where the young man opens the door for the lady and she bites the poor guy's head off for assuming she can't do it herself. Or the old lady that beats the tar out of the boy scout who attempted to help her across the street, because she saw it as just plain sinister.

No good deed goes unpunished, I guess! :lol:
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Post by Kirsten »

I think the loss of parents at a young age makes one appreciate life. My dad lost both his parents when he was under 30, and he told me this greatly affected his view of life. It made him want to live in the moment more. Live now, you never now when your number is up.

But then again... Edward lost his human life shortly after his parents died. I think this loss may have affected his ability to let go of his human life, his strongest ties to life had already left him.

The male chauvenism, his protective nature and his acting as a gentlemen is something of the time he grew up in. It's how his mother raised him.
I think it's a shame guys are not like that anymore. Well, mayebe some guys are... but my guy could learn something from Edward. In the 6 years we have been together only my graduation seemed to qualify for an flower-occasion. I am not counting the times when I instruct him to go and get flowers.... that's just not the same.
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Post by nissanmama »

I heard something once in a similar discussion that has stuck with me. They said, "It used to be that a man was defined by the amount of responsibility he could handle. Today it seems a man is defined by the amount of responsibility he can get out of."

My husband's parents died when he was 17, not yet graduated from high school. I would say he's very much a live in the moment kind of guy (he's actually quite a Jacob) but it's left him with some holes. He's very fearful of growing old and death and he has a very tough time depending on others, including me. He's always afraid of being abandoned so he doesn't let anyone get too close. It's a very lonely way to live...and frustrating for me. He's got a heck of work ethic however. Responsible, he is.
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Post by shammakins »

In some ways, though I've never really thought about this before, I think Edward losing his parents when he was only seventeen makes him understand that much more just what Bella will be leaving behind. I think part of him may feel guilty for (possibly, this is all assuming she will be changed, which even I'm not sure of...) taking Bella away from her parents, knowing the negative effects that will have on everyone. I think he understands the bonds between Bella and both of her parents, especially the fragility and unusual relationship between Bella and Renee. Bella doesn't just rely on her parents, both of her parents heavily rely upon her.

I think that Edward losing his parents at a young age also has a lot to do with the relationship dynamics he has now with Carlisle and Esme (though Carlisle most of all, as it was just the two of them for a bit of time.) I think Carlisle taking on an adoptive role for all of the Cullen/Hale children is profound, but with Edward I think it is especially unique. Carlisle knew Edward's mother, which he did not of any of the other children. He also had an incredible glimpse into the horror that Edward was living through during the influenza. I think Carlisle really relishes in the fatherly-role he takes with Edward, also being the "youngest" of the children (but at the same time, the second oldest...)

Edward's got a lot going on. Gotta love it.
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Post by Jules*~ »

Im not sure that Edward losing his parents at a young age really effects how he treats Bella. Edward was not coherant when his parents died, as he himself was fighting the fever (for reference see NM). If Edwards parents had died earlier and Edward continued living his human life for a few years than I think the effect of losing his parents would be much stronger.

I defintaly agree that Edward does possess traits of centuries gone by, for example the need and want to protect and care for Bella. Edward will have learnt these traits from his biological father, but as time progressed in his vampire life Carlise (whether aware of it or not) will have taken a greater role in influencing the ways in which Edward behaves in every day life.
As we know from the first chapter of Midnight Sun Edward thinks of Carlise as his father and Edward strives to be like him, and to not disapoint Carlise if he can avoid it.

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Post by SkyeChayse »

I think that Edward got his overprotectiveness from the loss of his parents. He most likely remembers loosing his dad a little better than his mom becuase he was not as sick when he lost his dad. I think that knowing that his mom was going to die from the same thing that got his dad, probably made him change his mode of thinking. He had a happy human life and was relitively wealthy. When he lost his dad, it was like getting slapped in the face and realizing that his life was no longer as perfect as he thought. He realized that he had only his mom left and I think that thought scared him a little, especially since she had the influenza as well. Edward knew he was going to loose her and if Carlisle had not changed him, Edward would have been ok with it. But becuase he lost both his parents, when Carlisle did change him, the reaction to protect those he loved intensified just like all things do when you become a vampire.

Keep in mind, this is all just what I think, so please dont' bite my head becuase I might have said some inacruate things. I just related Edward's situation to me. If I had lost one parent and knew the second was very close to leaving me as well, I would be extremely overbearing and protective in the future of those I loved so that I wouldn't have to loose them as well. So I think that is what Edward must feel like. He lost his mom and dad, he refuses to loose Bella, too.
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Post by drizzledrops »

I think he's overprotective beacuse he has come close to losing Bella many times in all the books. In Twilight, he almost lost her to James, in New Moon, they both lost themselves to separation anxiety, and in Eclipse, Edward had a chance of losing Bella to Jacob. That might have been a factor.

I think that the chance of losing Bella is the best theory.
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