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Do vampires need to use the bathroom?

Post by BellaWannaBe4o4 »

Just wondering... they don't really need to shower because they don't sweat and they always smell good i guess. They only drink liquid (blood) so do they urinate? but edward ate pizza... where does it go? Are there no waste products or what? Sorry, kind of gross but it was kind of bugging me...
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Re: Do vampires need to use the bathroom?

Post by TopazTears1527 »

BellaWannaBe4o4 wrote:Just wondering... they don't really need to shower because they don't sweat and they always smell good i guess. They only drink liquid (blood) so do they urinate? but edward ate pizza... where does it go? Are there no waste products or what? Sorry, kind of gross but it was kind of bugging me...
I'll help you out. :D
1. They do not need to shower. But, they can if they want.
2. About the blood, Think of a car. The blood is like gasoline to the vamps.
3. If a vampire were to eat any human food, they would have to dispose of it in one manor. Throw it up.
4. They never have to use the restroom ever again. It's pretty much impossible.
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Post by Edward's Vampheart »

I thought of a fun idea for a topic in the Flight To Phoenix thread.

What about a "I love the smell of..." thread?

You could put something like EG: I love the smell outside after it's just rained.

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Post by bananas_4_edward »

Could we have a thread for Christians? Or is there already one?
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Post by leopardgirl314 »

We should have a thread for people to discuss things to do after the Lex closes and before Breaking Dawn...when we'll all be Lex deprived, lol.

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Post by Manta » me stupid, but I just don't know how to do this. How do you quote someone else's post? I know there is a quote button on the upper right hand corner, but what do I do if I only want to quote part of their post. I've been copying and pasting, but it never comes out with the

*Name* says:

How do I do it?
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Post by Devon061381 »

I tried to request a new topic and pressed "new topic" so I don't think I did this right, and I'm doing it again...sorry.

Here's my new topic suggestion: What vampires feel like to each other.

I am quite curious as to what vampires feel like to each other, and I am not necessarily talking about mating here, as that is another thread. On several occasions in the books we see times where when they physically crash into each other it "sounds like boulders crashing," and we know that they can have physically intimate relationships, and they are cold and marble-like to human touch, yet Edward is somehow able to crease his brow. Do those same traits apply to when vampires touch other vampires, or do they feel more "normal" to each other (i.e. no cold marble)? Obviously, their skin is flexible somehow if Edward's brow can crease and they can move, period (skin has to be flexible with muscle and bone movement). Any thoughts?

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Who are you?

Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

This is my suggestion for a vote thread if it hasn't already been done. It would go something like this:

What kind of a girl are you? a. A Wolf Girl
b. A Vampire Girl
c. or are you torn between
the two and you are Switzerland

Tell us which camp you side with and why? Which group do you identify with most? Or if you can't choose a side then tell us why?

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Post by twilightroxmuhsox »

gifts that edward mentions he gave to esme and alice

was edward's human family rich? how did he get all those expensive hand-me-downs?
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so here goes me GOING FOR TWILIGHT!!!

Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

ok, so i pm'd a mod to request a topic because im an idiot, and i forgot about this forum. ok so can you please please please!!! post something for the movie? if you go to there's a vote going on that closes mid july (so close!) and its for the cast of twilight to be featured in in the mag!!! please and thankyou!
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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