Leah Clearwater

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Leah Clearwater

Post by PEL »

This is the place to discuss all things Leah Clearwater.
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Post by TeamEdward »

I was very suprised that girls could become werewolves. I didnt think that they could, but i gueese i was wrong! I feel a little sad for leah, having to be around sam and emily a lot! and i would think it being a little strange that your first love is now with you second cousin! but i dont know why but i just think and have a feeling that jacob and leah might get together, but that is just me!!
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Post by sporty502 »

i was really surprised that girls could be werewolves because in the old times like in the legends woman were put down and meant to speak when spoken to but mabey leah had enough werewolf blood in her to well be a werewolf

i did think that she was annoying though (almost laurenish) she was a bit sock (but i would probably have done the same thing to prove myself to the pack)strong girls hate being looked down on because there girls
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Post by Monsoon »

I really liked Leah's character. I loved her in the epilogue, how she didn't care for Jacob's feelings...and she was probably the one that would be able to empathize with Jacob the most in the point of his life.

How old is Leah supposed to be?
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Post by RubyMeg »

i think she's got herself some kind of complex. don't get me wrong, i love her...but what she did wasn't very smart. and she didn't seem to be very apologetic about it either. i'm willing to say that that might be because we didn't really see what happened at La Push much after the accident, but in the end when she was talking to Jake it made me think that she didn't care one iota that she got his right side crushed. she seems to show a little too much immaturity for her own good. but that might be a catalyst of her and Sam's relationship, or lack thereof. -phew- it's tiring attacking and defending a character at the same time. i do think it's pretty awesome that there are female werewolves now. that was certainly exciting!
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My heart goes out to Leah, the only girl in an all teenage boy/wolf pack. Where is her outlet? Who does she get to confide in when she is confused about this new world of hers? I believe her transformation is so much more challenging than Sam aloneness. The boys can all relate to each other and find strength in their commonalities. Leah has nothing in common with these boy's thoughts except she too morphs into a big hairy dog.

I don't see her reaction in the epilogue as being mean or unfair. I see her trying to find some solace from her pain and hoping that Jacob will be that outlet or confidant because his "choice" chose another just like hers. But obviously Jacob is not ready to console anyone else when he's in so much pain.

I hope there is a happy ending for Leah. But I don't believe she will imprint with Jacob, that would be too cliché.
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Post by leahinsmallville »

Leah is strange. She definitely has her issues to deal with but she does so in an awful manner. She is sock, self-asorbed, and almost got Jacob killed but showed no gratitude. It must be awful being in the pack with Sam and all the other wolves being able to hear her thoughts including Sam. I think i would not want to be a werewolf if that were the circumstances. And her dad died not too long ago and she has to go through this change now?! I can understand a little bitterness and sorrow but somehow i cant completely feel for her. She gives all of us Leah's bad names. [literally]
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I actually wasn't all that surprised when I found Leah was a werewolf. When Bella noticed that there were more in the clearing-thing than she remembered, Seth and Leah were the first candidates to pop into my mind.

When we first got to learn more about Leah's actual character, I'll admit I was surprised, though; it was something totally different than what I expected when I first heard about her and the predicament with Sam and Emily. For obvious reasons I want to feel sorry for her, but the way she acts makes it somewhat difficult for me to.
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Post by PEL »

I totally think Leah got a raw deal, but I think that she also has a lot of nerve giving Sam such a bad time when she totally knows he can't help it. It rhymes with witch in my book.

As far as a girl being a werewolf. I think it's an evolution thing. Back in the day when the men were the warriors and the women the gatherers only men changing made sense, but in a modern society girls changing totally makes sense.

I also think it's totally cool that the wolves don't know everything. It keeps their powers fluid. Who knows what else is now possible?
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Post by edward!atthedisco »

I knew Leah's going to turn into a werewolf since Seth did. It's really cool that she's a werewolf although I feel bad for her 'cause of Sam and Emily. And I find it interesting that she's the only girl in the pack.
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