Chapter Nine: Third Wheel

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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1. Jessica switches allegiance by siding with Lauren and convincing others to not go on the group outing. Do you feel that, based on Bella's actions the night of the bar incident, her reaction is justified?
I think the right reaction for her would be to be a bit wary hanging out with Bella. I don't think that as a group any harm would have come from hanging out with her. I think she was just being spiteful.

2. When the motorcycle loses power to summon Edward's voice, Bella begins to search for the meadow. Why do you think she chooses this as her next attempt to conjure his voice?
Because it was a beautiful place for her. It's not daring or scary to be in a meadow, but I think she was just trying to hold on to any bit of him.

3. Bella is amazed that Jacob never gives up on pursuing her, despite rejection after rejection. She wonders where he gets the confidence. Based on what we know of Jacob, what do you think he reasons are for being so confident and not giving up?
I think that he realizes that he can be there for Bella and not be a threat to her. That he can provide for her in a normal way. It's hard for me to see his reasons...

4. Bella knows that part of her will always love Edward, yet she begins to entertain the idea of Jacob being more than just a friend. Do you see this as a betrayal of her heart, or is she smart to press forward and think about moving on?
I think that she was trying to press forward and trying to move on. I think that no matter what happened it would not have been the same type of relationship that she had with Edward.
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1. I think Jessica had I right to get freaked out by Bella's actions at the bar. Bella kind of risked getting both of them in danger and Jessica was leaning towards Lauren's side all along.
2. I think Bella wanted real things that reminded her of Edward, not hallucinations. She needed evidence that he was real.
3. Jacob thinks he is the best choice for Bella and knows that if Edward doesn't come back for her, she will come around.
4. I don't think it was a betrayal, if he had left for good, I would have wanted her to be happy with someone without believing that they could replace Edward (and so would Edward).
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