Ways To Annoy James

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sydney cullen
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Ways To Annoy James

Post by sydney cullen »

Anybody have some ways wa can irritate James? Here's a few to get everyone started:

~Sing "How to Save a Life" whenever the urge strikes you.

~Ask him if he was really ugly during his human life

~Send him a Care Bears gift basket

~Laugh at him

~Randomly turn his face up into a smile

~Tell him his breath smells bad and maybe he should be more picky about the humans he bites

~Be happy

~When he fails to kill Bella yet again, wag your finger and say, "I told you so...."

~If he gives you dirty looks or says something mean, simply say, "oh, so scathing!"

~Ask him how anyone could have bad enough taste to be his mate

~Tell everyone that he's really just a big softy - make sure he knows you're saying it
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Post by Em Cullen »

Wow! That's pretty hialrious!!!! :lol:
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Post by Kyran »

XD That is! :lol: But, I can't think of any more to add...

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Post by kinks »

Those are funny! :D I can't think of any others at the moment though...
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Post by I*choose*both »

Haha! Ummmmm how about coplain that your chiuahaha has better tracking skills than he does! :D
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Post by Katie Is Obsessed »


I can't think of anything that I could add to that...
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Post by ksull88 »

give him a wet willy.
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Post by idazzlepeople »

lol um...

~taunt him about Victoria yelling "She's craz-eh! craz-eh I tell ya!"

~Tell him you think Laurent would be a better leader than him

~ Yell "Your mom!!! Oooh burn" at him

~Tell him you know he's in love with Edward and all, but thats no reason to get jealous and kill Bella

~Tell him you also think Edward looks cute, and how happy you are at meeting a gay vampire

~Sing "I know a song that will get on your nerves"

~Stare at him and say "I thought all vampires were meant to be beautiful" and look at him weirdly

~Chuck a stick in front of him and yell "FETCH!" when he fails to do so mutter something like "Psh! And he calls himself a tracker..."

*needs to think of better ones*
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Post by a_n_n_a »

Oh, those are all great!

-While he's tracking, keep asking him "Are we there yet?" every 5 minutes.

-Ask him if he was dropped on his head while turning into a vampire because no one can look that ugly.

-Mail him anonymous letters asking he if wants to come on Dr. Phil to sort out his anger problems.
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Post by Snow White Queen »

This REALLY reminds me of the "123 to annoy Lord Voldemort" on MuggleNet. Was that your inspiration?

Okay, I will try to add some...

~As he's walking around you the way he was walking around Bella as he was deciding how to kill her, strike very sexy poses, make funny faces and giggle.
~When he bares his teeth, say something along the lines of "you have a piece of spinach just there...".
~Remind him that he probably hasn't eaten spinach since he was changed and that he's been making out with Victoria with it there THE WHOLE TIME.
~Tell him that he's fat and should go on a vegetarian diet.
~Steal some of Bella's clothes (that have her scent on them) and hide them in the most random places (preferably in the sun).
~Set up an EHarmony/Lavalife account for him.
~Casually mention it to Victoria :) .
~Buy him a stess ball (yeah, I took that one off of MuggleNet, but it's still funny!).

I'll post some more when I think of them :wink: !
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