For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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So I just found out the store I'm going to is having a Prom theme. My hair is brown mixed in with blonde and my eyes are brown. I'm about 5'7, or very close to it, maybe even 5'8. And fair skin. I'm also not very skinny but I'm not totally obese either (I'm like a size 18 ). I would prefer to go as someone who not many people are going as. I'm flipping out because I'm not at all sure who I should go as or anything. But my dress is red and it's layered/teared at the bottom and strapless. I'm going to be wearing a white shawl with it, too, and it looks really pretty with it. I'll wear gold eyeshadow and a dark red lipstick since my dress is a dark red too. But yeah. Also I don't know who people would think I am. Help! :? :(
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The stores in my location are holding Masquerade Balls, so I'll dress according to that. I never really thought about what I was going to wear until now when I read everyone's ideas. Now I'm freaking!

Considering I have brown eyes, long brown hair and ivory/fair skin, I'll be going as Bella. That's okay with me though, I'm just not sure what I should wear.
Perhaps I'll rent a costume that would suit the Masquerade theme and make some sort of a mask to go with it.

meep. Help would be kindly appreciated. =]
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