For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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Mischievous Alice Cullen wrote:I live in Anne Arundal...anybody have any info about borders here? Maybe the one in the Annapolis mall?
my friend lives right near annapolis, so i'll call her and ask her...
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mrs.toricullen wrote:
Mischievous Alice Cullen wrote:I live in Anne Arundal...anybody have any info about borders here? Maybe the one in the Annapolis mall?
my friend lives right near annapolis, so i'll call her and ask her...
Awesome. ^_^
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Oh, that's so awesome!
I'll definitely beg my mom to drive me to one of the parties. :lol: No way am I missing this if I can help it!

I'll have to ask her what book store she'd be willing to go to, though.
I hope there's one close enough. :S

EDIT: -Does a jig-
I just asked her, and she said it sounded fun, and she'd definitely be willing to go if nothing comes up. ^_^ We'll probably be going to the Ellicott City release party, if we go, but I'm not positive yet. I want to see if we can find one a bit closer...
But whatever. It's still a while away, so we'll see. :roll:

Does anyone know anything about it?
Well, I mean, I know the basics, but what time should you get there and everything?
Also, do you have to dress up? -Points to 'Wear Your Prom Costume'- Because I'd rather not, but if I must, I'm willing. xD
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Hey just a heads up the Waldenbooks bookstore at the country club mall in Lavale,Maryland is going to be open for the midnight release not sure if there is a theme or not but I will edit if I have any news at all :)

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I literally just joined so I could post here (looking for costume ideas, hehe.) Anyways, we just moved to Maryland on Wednesday I think? I haven't been to this Barnes & Noble yet, but according to the website, the Annapolis B&N is hosting one. It's about 16 miles from me in Edgewater, so I think I'll be asking my mom to take me that night...
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I live in Gaithersburg and the Borders here is having one!
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Post by Chezzle »

I'll be at the Borders in Waldorf for the party :]
I'm a Charles County girl too, haha.
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Post by Theresa »

Looks like I'll be heading to the Borders in Columbia with a few of my friends, if anyone else is planning on going there. :)
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michL87 wrote:Today I went to the Barnes & Noble in Pikesville - and they said that there WILL be a release party there. Yay!!!

Hopefully I'll see some of you there :)

omg i am going there too. hopefully i'll see you there
edward lover,
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Hey, is anybody going to the party in Fred erick? I'm going to the one at Borders, in a pretty big costume. I just wanted to see if I'm going to be the only one dressed up.

I'll probably end up dressing my brother up as someone, so I won't be alone. :D

( It won't let me spell Fred-erick.) :roll:
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