Chapter 10 - Interrogations

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1. I think Bella was unsure if Edward would regret telling her about him or not, and she wasnt sure if he was going to be as open and willing to tell her things as he was the night before. Edwards behavior and openess was unexpected, but nice.

2. I think he was frustrated that he put forth so much effort trying to protect this girl, much more than she knows about. And yet she thinks she cares more. Also, maybe that he doesnt want her to feel so strongly about him.

3. Yeah, I dont think he really cared too much. He was too focused on figuring her out and unraveling Bellas mind.

4. Tough one...I think Edward cares more because even though Bella is risking her life to be with him, shes mainly focused on him and not what he his. I dont think she really grasped just how dangerous he was at the time. Edward was doing much more.

5. Well I wish I knew which animals the female cullens liked, so I could see if they preferred less vicious animals or not...But I think it would be cute if Bella like mountion lions too.
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1. How do you think Edward and Bella both did in trying to behave naturally around each other on the "morning after?" Was Bella too nervous or shy? Did Edward seem more open?
I thought that 'the morning after' was all right. Edward did seem more open and more exceptionally more comfortable around her. And Bella seemed a bit more at ease with Edward too as a result of his pleasant presence.
2. How do you think Edward really felt about Bella's conversation with Jessica?
I think that Edward wished Bella did not return his feelings towards her.
3. Bella took a bite of pizza after Edward. Stephenie has told us that in that moment, Bella consumed a very small amount of venom. Does it surprise you that Edward didn't stop her from taking a bite or that he didn't react to it in any way?
Very much so, sense he is so against her becoming a vampire. He must've known it wouldn't really have an effect on her. Or maybe he was testing her for vampireness or whatnot ...
4. They argue about who cares for whom more all throughout lunch. In your opinion, which one really does care for the other more?
5. Emmett prefers bears, Edward prefers mountain lions. Where Bella ever to become a vampire, what animal do you think she would prefer?
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