Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character do you relate to most?

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Post by Sarah&Edward »

I really relate to Bella the most. Aside from being human, we are both madly in love with way too perfect guys (only mine is human and named Caleb :wink: ) She's also really easy to understand, since youre getting her point of view.

Also, I'm very much the same as her... we love books (especially the classics) are fairly good looking, smart, mature, and I was raised by my dad after my mom walked out. So, to answer the question, Bella's just easier to identify with.
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I relate most to....

Post by TristaxJulietta »

I am a Bella. I am very clumsy. We both love books and all kinds of music. Also, we both enjoy cooking. When I get angry I cry, and most of all, I wouldn't be afraid if my boyfriend was a vampire. She loves the person no matter what they are. She also forgives with all her heart. I can also say that I understood where Bella was coming from in New Moon and Eclipse. The pain she felt has been very real to me. I know that if I could hear someone's voice in my head that I never got to see anymore I would do anything possible to hear them. In Eclipse she was faced with some tough decisions between Jacob and Edward. She started blaming herself for a lot of things. I can say that I do that quite often. It's hard not to do when the actions you take are hurting the people you care about. But that's why I relate most to her.
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Post by Alleymania »

I think I personally relate the mot to Bella because I am a klutz. I can be sitting in a chair and the next thing I know I am on the floor telling everyone I am alright. I also am not one bit male obsessed and don't intend on having a boyfriend any time within the next 10 years.
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Leah (SWACM)
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Post by Leah (SWACM) »

I relate to Edward the most.
Please don't get me wrong, I do not think myself perfect or anything even close to this, but neither do I think Edward is.

For me, Edward is a person that trys to do the right thing but - on a regular basis - fails, sometimes just because of his (let's face it) arrogance.

He's very protective and so am I. I cannot stand the people I love to be miserable, I want them to be happy, safe and with me. And just like Edward, I too am sometimes overdoing it a little bit.

And then there is his denial to be a monster. Although it is his nature to kill humans, although it is just what he is, he fights it each and every day, because he wants to proove himself that he's better than that, that he's worth something.

I can somehow relate to that too. Sometimes it's just very clear to you and everyone else what you're supposed to be - what everyone, including yourself, expects you to be. But you may not want to be that.
Maybe you're selfish and you know you are, but you don't want to be. So you have to change. At least, you have to try.

Of course, I can only relate to Edward to an extend -
he'll always be thousand upon thousand times more self-sacrificing,
caring, loving, good and just decent than any other -existing or non-existing - person on this planet.
(Is it very obvious that I love him ? :wink: )
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

it would be alice, because she has the forsight. like, im not psychic or anything, but it was intesified from her intuition (and probly a little bit of Sight) but i tend to be able to know my future. she's so sure of hers and she's found true love (not that i have) and she loves her brothers and sisters and her "parents." she also is a little crazy and goes overboard with things at times.
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Which character do you personally relate to the most?

Post by Cullenesque71 »

I think Stephenie Meyer did a great job of fcreating characters who are very human (no pun intended).

I relate to Bella in that I love to cook, and I've felt great insecurity all of my life. Deep down she wants to be "a good kid" and that's me in a nut shell.

However, I can definitely relate emotionally with Jacob...esp. as New Moon and Eclipse go. I have helped someone out of a deep heart break, and, sure, I thought there was some chance that I would come out WITH the person I helped....but, I, just like Jacob, ended up getting ditched for the heart breaker. Is this wrong? Nope...just how it is.
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Post by Bookflower »

I relate to Bella because we really like books, reading, and write long English Lit essays. We also both hate PE. I'm awful in it. I was meant to be catching a basketball, yet I put my hands up to protect my face, the bal just bumped them, but I stepped back and slipped right over.
The guy I was meant to be marking managed to end up on the floor too, he was laughing so hard...
I would also say that I'm not that comfortable in social situations, and I can't dance. The most I've ever danced was at my sister's wedding, because I was a bridesmaid, and noone else apart from the other bridesmaids were. So I spent the whole evening dancing with my sister, and feeling very embarrassed.
I'm also very passionate about things I feel strongly on, and blush pretty frequentely.
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Post by simplenerd »

I tend to be like Jasper.
I'm not good at war or anything like that, but on a usual basis I like to control the mood in an area. I'm usually the one who makes everyone hyped up or calmed down. And I don't have any special powers but some people tell me I naturally settled a crowded room without knowing it (honestly I don't believe them)
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Post by Kay_cullen »

I would have to relate most with Alice.. So many things tell me that I am her that its not even funny.. I love shopping, I am very upbeat, and outgoing, and even though I know all my friends hate them, I love throwing parties and making my friends come. Some of my friends even say I can see into the future, or well, close to it.. and some of her futures like her Pixel hair is just like mine. It was funny when I started reading Twilight, what little I knew of Alice, I felt like that was me..
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Post by vampgirl9 »

I maybe shy like Bella but i find that i have a little more Alice in me. Of course im not inhumanly beautiful but i feel that that if i did ever turn into a vampire i might look like her. i am very very very tiny and i have black hair thats cut like hers and i dance all the time..not that my every move is better then a professional dancer or anything but i think that i can relate.
I also cant see the future but i seem to know stuff before other people. I am also really perky and LOVE to shop so i say those are good enough reasons.lol :D
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