What would you do? If you met Edward/another Character

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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

First I'd Scream....

And then I'd ask him how many times he got that reaction
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Post by CanadianAlice »

I think if I met Edward he'd probably hate me because I wouldn't be able to stop myself from thinking about how hot he is! I'd be like Jessica and I really don't like her! Well maybe I can hope that he couldn't hear my thoughts like Bella....
I want to sparkle like Edward!
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Post by Feanor »

Kill him. Slime of Morgoth, spawn of evil. Kill him and quick.
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Post by losing feeling »

i love twilight wrote:
BrightEyes wrote:If I ever saw Edward, I'd probably stop breathing and just stand there like an idiot, staring at him, until I passed out. Or, I'd snap out of my 'not breathing' thing long enough to give one, loud, fangirl shriek. And then I'd pass out. I doubt I'd ever be able to get near and/or touch him without completely having a heart attack.

It's sad how in love I am with my favorite book characters. It's probably why I don't date. No boy can ever live up to a character like Edward.
I think that would be close to my reaction too. About the last part about not dating because no boys can live the standarts well I have to say that kind of applies to me too .:D
thats the problem with twilight
it makes finding a boy sooooooooo hard seeing as were are only open minded to edward :lol:

but my reaction would make me dizzy
we'd probably stop what we were doing, drop everything we were holding
with our eyes buldging out and gaping,
we'd stop breathing and once we figured out that we need to breathe, we'd start hyperventilating
saying incoherent things like:
oh.......ed-.....i.....hot....wow......cullen...........AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! :lol:
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Post by jaspersfanpire »

First- shriek and scream and squeel until I run out of breathSecond- Run and hug him tightly, and never let him go
Third-giggle uncontrollably
Fourth-take a picture with him to prove I saw him
Fifth- ask him to come back to my house :wink:
Sixth- 'accidentally' cut myself with his teeth
Seventh- spend my life following him around and trying to win his heart with my new vampire speed and beauty!
"I was with Edward in my happy place."
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Post by emmett_<3 »

It says all characters...i'm making use of that.

Hmmm. Its different for certain characters.

If i met Edward...i would probably turn and walk the other way. Same thing with Alice. Unless they could take me to Jasper, i wouldn't want anything to do with them. Edward's to romantic it seems fake and he is also way overprotective its scary. As for Alice, her personality kind of annoys me. Don't get mad at me because of this post. Same with Bella too, boring x 10.

Now Jasper, i would go crazy. Without a doubt. I don't know exactly what my reaction would be. I could just imagine myself either sitting there staring at him, constantly thinking through my mind whether i have lost all grip of reality. OR, i would make him fall in love with me and get rid of Alice. :] Maybe not, but i would try.

Emmett, wow, haha. Well, it would be different then the two above. I would actually love to just hang out with Emmett. Have just a fun day, relax, go places, do cool stuff. He's the type of guy...vampire that i would love for a big brother.

Carlisle...i'd LOVE to meet Carlisle. I love his character, he is so amazing to me. I don't know why. I would probably just sit and talk with him. I don't know what about, but i would love to hear things he would say.

Esme, ehh. Nothing special. I'd make small talk and leave.

Rosalie, ha! I would love to hang out with, just like Emmett. Except, not for as long as i would with Emmett. :]]

Also, Jacob (it says any characters :]). Man, i hate saying this because of my love for Jasper, but i would probably fall in love with Jake. I could just see me falling head over heels. Ha, i can't even talk about it. I'd just start talking to him, hang out a little bit, and be in love.

Seth and Quil. AHHH! I'd LOVE to meet them! Haha, that would be a blast just to hang out for even just a day. Them and Emmet. Lmao, stupid prejudices (sp?), i can't hang out with them all.
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Post by Alleymania »

If I met Edward Cullen I would proably go crazy. I wouldn't be able to look away from him and I would probably try to talk to him multiple times.
I think the rest of the Cullens would be cool to hang out with to.
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Post by Waiting_In_The_Rain »

Hmmm... I ould probably break out into hysterics, begin asking a ton of questions referring to how real this is or isn't. And then probably do whatever follows if Bella doesn't get too ticked. Maybe even my heart would speed up a lot, and then I would babble. That's pretty much it. And once the Cullens find me disinteresting, they'd probably slowly back away and I would have some sort of trauma because they left me :( Well, I'll practice for when it does happen and they don't ditch me.

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Post by mariaferzillah »

First of all, I would be shocked. Second, I would start asking a lot of questions. Then I'll probably try to be their friends. Just an exception for Edward, I'll stare.
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Post by Raphael1989 »

Ok lets start from the top...

Edward: I would stare for a long time. Not fantasizing. I would probably be wondering what kind of drug he is on or what kind of plastic surgery he had done. No one should look like that...

Bella: I would probably do nothing. *yawn* Boooooring.

Alice: Nothing. Might notice that she's gorgeous, but that's it.

Emmett: Stare. Alot. And fantasize. I have a thing for good looking athletic guys who also happen to be really nice and really funny and really practical and really just pretty much perfect. He would be a great buddy!

Rosalie: I would stare at her having a pity party and wishing that my legs looked like that... :D

Jasper: Pinch myself and wonder what heaven I stepped into on accident. Yeah, I like Jasper. I would probably be shocked by his gorgeousness. But I wouldn't want him for me. Naw, I'd like to be buds though. He's just a tad too serious for moi.

Carlisle and Esme: Hmmmm... nothing.

Jacob: Make friends really easily. Be best buddies of all time. Fall in love. Etc. I don't need to elaborate. Long story short: He's mine! (Gah, this is not healthy! *slaps self* "Jacob does not exist! Get over it!")

There has GOT to be the exact replica of Jake out there for me somewhere...

Ha! Replica makes him sound like a model airplane or something... :lol:
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